September 28, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Dear 2012:  Wow – it’s the last Friday of September!!! Cripes time flies.  I’m not sad that the air is a little crisper around these parts, it actually makes me happy to be wearing my hoodies every day.

Dear Candy Corn:  Not only have I been eating you in all your various forms like as an Oreo, M&M’s and in your true form – Brach’s Autumn Mix, you have inspired my polish choice this week!

candy corn items

nails 9-28

Dear Mandy Moore & Jennie Garth: It’s time for a change, and both of your hairdos are crazy awesome, but somehow, I doubt I’ll look as good as the two of you.


Dear Homeland:  I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to like you, even after you cleaned up at the Emmy’s and all.  But, I just watched Episode 6 and I’m hooked.  Can’t wait to see this storyline unfold.


Dear Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake from Costco:  Get in my belly.  Now.  Thank you.

cc cheesecake

And with that sweetness, I am off!  Have a great weekend!

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Nicole said...

Love the nail! And Oreo's really!?!?!

Cindy said...

Wow, didn't know about Oreos, M&Ms or cheesecake...yikes, looks good!

tara said...

pretty nails!! and candy corn oreos?! i had no idea!

Nikki @ makeupHER said...

Oh em gee, candy corn oreos, get in my belly!!

Laura said...

Love your nails! Those brach pumpkins, I have a jar full on my counter I love them! i also like the mix with bats, ghosts etc. I just lost another few pounds and I am sure I will be putting it back on. I absolutely love Homeland quite possibly one of my favorite shows! Just finished watching season 1 again in anticipation of tomorrow night! Enjoy your weekend!

Laura said...

I forgot to add...I like Kirsten Dunst's hair. That would be a good look on you.

Melissa @ A Dozen Years Later said...

I cannot find those Oreos... I really think my daughter will LOVE them.

Vanessa Miller said...

I love candy corn! I also love cheesecake. Too bad neither fit into my diet!! Good luck with the hair cut. They are some really cute styles.