June 29, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Oh Friday, one (actually 3rd) of my favorite days of the week!  Waiting for the weekend to officially begin is torture, but talking about some of my favorite things helps, like my nails.  This week I picked Your Web or Mine? from the Spiderman OPI collection

spiderman polish

Then later this week when I had a few extra minutes in the morning before work, which happens NEVER, I messed around with my new Migi Nail Art pens and did this:


It was pretty simple to accomplish and I really like it.  I for sure will be experimenting more with these babies.  Now go check out some other Nail Files.

Now on to some randomness (via Friday Letters):

Dear Pitching Machine: I was just trying to be a good momma and play some baseball with my boy, so why did you hit me not only once but TWICE, that shizz hurt.  A LOT.  We will not be playing with each other again. 


Dear Greek Pasta Salad:  You are not only beautiful, you taste amazing and even after filling up on you, you still look full.  Thank you.


Dear Red Wine:  I am very happy that I have learned to drink you with a little Sprite, therefore, I can sip you all night long and not get a wine-headache in the morning.  (thank you Jenny Jenny, you ARE a genius)


Dear Magic Mike:  Two hours of male hotties stripping?  I’m in.  I’ll see you tomorrow, consider it a date.


Dear Toby Keith:  My posse and I will be raising hell with you tonight.  It could get crazy. Just a friendly warning.


Dear Find & Follow Blog Hop:  I’ve already checked you out found some new blogs and am happily making new friends.  I hope when I check you again tomorrow, there are many more links!


Dear G-Tuck:  I’m very happy you had a good first week at your new job.  See, sometimes change is good!   And just wait till you get that first paycheck.  You can thank me then too.


I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I’m off to get a little crazy tonight! 

June 27, 2012

7 Questions

my funny photo (he was terrified I was going to eat it all!)


While reading some of my favorite blogs, I came across Brittany’s and noticed she was linking up with Gentri Lee for 7 Questions.

7 Questions

I couldn’t resist because the first question is:

1.  If you could be any princess- which would you be and why?

Well everyone that knows me, knows that I have a slight obsession with Belle!  She is by far my favorite princess. 


Why?  Because she has a lot of qualities that I think are important for a lady to have:  she is kind-hearted, smart, beautiful, independent, and loyal. 

2. Do you have any odd habits? (do things in order, words that you say too often, etc.)

I say “you know?” WAY too much.  It even annoys me.

3. What’s your “go to” outfit?

Standard go-to outfit is jeans (flared bottom – NO skinnies) and usually have a rotation of 2-3 FAVORITE tops and a zippy hoody, with a pair of boot shoes (black or brown depending on outfit).

4.  Do you have any siblings?  What are their genders, ages, order of age, names, etc.?

I have an older brother Brent (42) and a younger sister Melissa (32).  I’m the middle child (38).

5.  What is your favorite precious stone?

I love black diamonds.

6.  If you had a check in your hand for 1 million dollars, what would you do with it?

I would QUIT my job, buy an RV and hit the road and visit all 50 states.  I’d also give my parents some cash so my dad could retire (he’s 62 and I’d love to be able to make that happen).

7.  What do you love most about yourself – physically (eyes, smile, hair, etc.)

I’ll go with the item that gets the most compliments – my hair (even if they are from women over 60). 

June 26, 2012

I was sick and I cooked! (kind of)

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I was a little under the weather yesterday, so I actually stayed home from work.  I had a brutal headache and dumb-A me figured staying home would make me feel better.  Well, if you read my blog, you know I have 2 kids.  Two kids that are constantly bickering with one another.  Of course they both thought that since mom was home it was “party time”.  They wanted to watch TV with me, have me play games with them and do anything else they could possibly dream up.  About an hour after I woke up, I was wishing I was at work. It is MUCH quieter there!

Anyhoo, my day consisted of me cuddling on the couch with Cole, while watching Rio.


Then I watched Good Luck Charlie with Ashley.  She said “You just have to watch and see what kind of baby they have”.  She kills me.  I watched it with her, and again, my unbalanced hormonal self was crying when the baby was born!! Oh goodness I even disappoint myself.

After my crying ended the kids begged to go swimming.  So I figured it would be quieter and more relaxing outside.  It wasn’t.  They fought over the floats (which we have 100s of) and about who could jump the farthest, swim the farthest, etc.  I even allowed them to have some popsicles for the 10 minutes of quiet that I’d get from it.


Yes that’s my finger – it was just too darn bright to see it when I took the picture!

Then while digging through the fridge for some lunch, I found that I had some cottage cheese and Cool Whip, so I decided to whip up a wonderful summer fluff salad.  Now this is the kind of salad that even I can’t mess up!

Raspberry Fluff Salad

Here’s what you need:


Combine cottage cheese and Jell-O and mix well.


Add Cool Whip and fresh raspberries and fold in.


After blended well, it’s ready to serve or you can refrigerate it so it thickens up a little bit.


Ash and I loved it.  She has no idea that there is cottage cheese in it though.  She always says “what is that I have to chew”, and I say “it’s raspberries”. So far, she is buying it.  It’s a perfect summer salad/dessert. 

Well tonight I’m off to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  The 3-D in this movie looks amazing.  It doesn’t have great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes – but most of the movies I like don’t get good reviews.  I’ll be sure to let you all know. 

June 22, 2012

Friday’s Letters

Linking up (for the first time) with Ashley for:


Dear Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels:  Why must you be so darn soft, creamy and delicious??? Please harden up and dry out so you are not so irresistible!

Dear GTuck:  I know you are nervous about your new job.  Don’t be.  You are a super duper smarty pants and this new company is lucky to have you running their I.T. group. Got it? So relax.

Dear Lil Sister:  I hope you have a great time on your trip out west and I wish we were going with you.  Send me a pic of you holding up Mount Rushmore because you know it will make me giggle. Miss you and love you!

Dear Angie:  I hope you are still doing good in the hospital and that Miss Annalee is still happy and secure in that bump of yours!  Listen to the doctor’s and try to take it easy!

Dear Ashley & Colton:  Momma loves you both very much, but please, please, please stop your constant bickering.  It’s not cute. It’s annoying. KNOCK IT OFF.

Dear Bed, Bath & Beyond:  Please start carrying the Diet Cream Soda for my Sodastream.  I want to mix you with the Orange flavor and create happiness in my mouth. 

Dear Blog Readers:  If you are a Friend here already, you already know that I love you and your sweet comments make my day.  If you are New here, I hope you decide to stay, say hi and I’ll for sure stop by and see you too!

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Well I made it through another wonderful week!  Life has been good and I’m trying to soak up as much as I can every single day!

I’m linking up with Vicki and Tara again for another edition of:

Nail Files

Since I’m still loving everything neon, I chose another awesome color this week:


I absolutely L-O-V-E this color and the new mini-bottle of OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat seems to be the bomb too.  I’ll be looking for a full size of it to use regularly. 

Now, on to some Friday randomness:

  • This past Sunday, I was looking out our bathroom window and spotted this big guy:


I guess it’s a falcon and let me tell you – he was HUGE.  As we were staring at each other, he decided to leave me a “souvenir” of his visit all over my roof.  EWWWWWW is all I can say.  It wasn’t pretty.

  • My poor girl Jenny Jenny.  She is totally accident prone.  Just a few weeks ago she injured her ankle trying out some wicked dance moves on wet grass – damn I wish I had video of it.  But this week she injured herself golfing!!! She was a little to close to the cart path when she went to hit her ball – it bounced back, hit her on the arm and it bruised immediately. Jenny Jenny please try to be more careful my friend.  On the upside she totally makes me look graceful.


  • Wondering if anyone else out there is watching the new Dallas on TNT?  I watched the pilot and half of the second episode.  Acting seems HORRIBLE, almost LOL bad, but I think I’m going to keep watching.  Me watching might be the “Kiss of Death” for it because most shows I like, get cancelled.  Sorry Dallas.


  • Ok, you all might laugh and poke fun, but I went to see Rock of Ages this week.  I wasn’t excited about it, I wasn’t expecting much out of it, but let me tell you – I actually LOVED it.  It was everything I figured it was going to be, dumb, funny, over-the-top, tongue-in-earcheek  - 2 hours of pure non-thinking entertainment!  I laughed A LOT.  The music was awesome.  It took me right back to junior high (1987). Every song was one I remember singing along too.  And Tom Cruise – who I normally can’t stand – was HOTTTTTTT.  Seriously.  My 14-yr. old self totally took over and had me looking at him all dreamy-eyed.  You should go and see it.  For realz.

Stacee Jaxx

  • Kate Spade is having an online sale.  I would like one of everything please.  If somebody can make that happen, I ‘d appreciate it.  However, if I could only pick one or two things I’d want:

Hold Court Quinn,jpgIrving Place Little NadineArmadillo HandbagLounge Ladies HarmonyPlay HookyKarolina

Well my friends, I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!  Peace out!

June 20, 2012

When Fun Time Becomes Scary Time

For Colton’s birthday this year he requested all of the Harry Potter movies. I have seen them all, and I really enjoyed them. I know they are rated PG-13 and some of the content is questionable to me for a 7-year old, but he has watched every superhero movie out there (including X-Men Wolverine Origins which I found scary!) so I figured it would be ok.

He and I (just the two of us) have watched the first 3 with no incident. He is really cute too since he plays the Lego Harry Potter games on his Xbox, Wii or DS he tells me what is going to happen before it happens. He has loved each one so far. He’s never seemed afraid and he follows along quite well. I absolutely adore our time together too. We cuddle and lay on the couch. He eats popcorn. It’s good times.


This leads us here – to #4 The Goblet of Fire. Now, I love Goblet of Fire for many reasons:

  • Hagrid gets a girlfriend


  • Harry has awesome hair


  • The Weasley Brothers have even more awesome hair


  • My favorite vampire hottie, Robert Pattinson is in it.


I could keep going on and on, but you get the idea.

Now Colton talks about Lord Voldemort a lot, although we haven’t really seen him in his human form yet. Well, this is the movie where that changes. We see him. We actually see him being re-born. Wormtail throws his “alien-esque” looking body into a caldron, cuts off his hand and then cuts Harry with a knife to get some of his blood.


Then you see this:


This is where my little boy became my SCARED little boy. He started crying and told me to turn it off.  He announced he was afraid!  I was in shock. Never once has Colton ever been afraid of anything. He never shows fear. Sometimes I know he is nervous, but he never admits fear. My poor little man!

I of course turned it off, told him that it was all just make believe and that he knows that Harry Potter is going to beat Lord Voldemort (sorry if this is a spoiler). He said he knew that, but he just didn’t want to watch it right now. I said fine. I then wondered if it was just that he was tired (it was 10pm at night) or if he was truly scared.

Everyone knows I’m that mom that keeps her kids in a “bubble” of sorts, but I like that they are sheltered and don’t have to think or deal with situations that make them anxious or question their safety inside our home. Home is their safe place. I don’t want to change that. But I also want my boy to conquer his fears. I don’t want him to be afraid of make-believe monsters. I want him to be able to decipher between real and imaginary. I talked with him the next morning about Lord Voldemort being fake and that he didn’t need to worry about it. He seemed good. I figured I wouldn’t push him and if we never finished it, oh well.  I didn’t see any good reason to upset him any further, if he truly is afraid of the movie. From this point on, the movies do get a bit more intense, a bit darker and some people start dying off.

Then yesterday, after his awesome (first win of the season) baseball game, he asked me if we could watch the rest of Goblet of Fire. I told him no, that it was too late - thinking maybe watching it close to bedtime wouldn’t be a good idea. He said, ok, but that he wanted to finish it. I assured him we would.

I am proud of him. I am proud that on his own, without encouragement from me, he decided he wants to continue on with the movie. I am proud that he is brave enough to tackle his fear.

I know I don’t like going to scary movies, and I rarely do, but knowing this little boy is willing to tackle his fear, just might inspire me to see House at the End of The Street.

But then again, maybe not.

June 19, 2012

When You Are A Mom

Sometimes, you go to work all day. 

You leave work and the weather is sweltering.


And you want to go home and have this as your view:


But instead, you go and sit outside, in this crazy awesome heat, watching this cutie pie:

cole bball

And you’ll be loving it!


June 15, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

After checking out Kasey’s blog last week, I was obsessed with getting the China Glaze Poolside collection.  I put Jenny Jenny on the hunt. She called me from the store and found the China Glaze Summer Neons – sounded close enough to me.  She picked me up the two 3-packs they had.

summer neons

To say I’m in love is an understatement!!!  This week I chose to wear:

nails 6-15 3

These both dry MATTE but I added a top coat for shine.  All the colors have a great pop.  Will be using them all summer long!!

Now head over to Vicki or Tara’s blogs to see what everyone is wearing this week!

Now on to some Friday randomness:

  • Last Saturday after I kicked butt (or something like that) at golf, we stopped at a new BBQ restaurant.  Since they seem to deep fry everything these days – for an appetizer we tried the Deep Fried BBQ Ribs.  Although they were good, I’ll be sticking to just plain ‘ol sloppy ribs for now on!  However, not to be outdone by the appetizer, dessert consisted of Deep Fried SNICKERS ice cream.  This will for sure be eaten again!!  As my daughter would say “it was Heaven in my mouth”.  The rest of the meal was pretty darn good too.  I’ll be heading back to The Kensington Grill soon.


  • I’m really looking forward to another relaxing weekend.  Hoping to get some pool time in and another evening of golf.  I am getting better each time I go.  Who knew practice actually worked??!!
  • I’m seriously looking forward to catching up on some reality TV too:  Teen Mom, RHOC and RHNJ. 
  • I’m loving the newest cast addition to RHOC – Mrs. Heather Dubrow.  She actually has some class, is funny as hell and seems to have her shit together.  Why they picked her, I’ll never know, but I’m loving that they did.  She is exactly what that train-wreck of a cast needed.  She’s a breath of fresh air for sure.


  • It was nice to see my favorite Vampire Fashionista Pam from True Blood looking all grandma-ee in her sweat suit – but the line has to be the best Pam line to date!


    “I am wearing a Wal-Mart sweatsuit for y’all.

    If that’s not a demonstration of team spirit, I don’t know what is.”

  • I know I keep saying that I need to get focused again on my weight-loss and actually TRY.  So I’m saying it here, on the blog, it’s starting – this weekend.  Sunday = weigh in day.  Will I win again, not sure, but I’m gonna bust my butt trying!

Hope you all have a safe and great weekend!

June 13, 2012

Picnic in the Park

Today was Colton’s Picnic in the Park celebrating the end of First Grade!  Boy did the year fly by!  As challenging as it was for him this year, he has impressed me with his eagerness and the pure enjoyment he shows in learning new things.  He loves to read books to me, play word and card games and is always asking to use the computer to practice his math skills.

Colton & Hunter G.

Cole & Hunter

Hunter G., Colton & Chance (BFFs)

3 amigos

Playing Football

boys on ground

One Last Shot Mom!

3 amigos2

2012 First Grade Class


The boys had fun playing football together and enjoyed their picnic lunches.  Trying to get them to pose for pics was difficult!  Those boys are always moving and play so rough.   

I spent a few minutes talking with Colton’s teacher about our summer plans and she assured me that she has taken special care in recommending Colton’s teacher next year.  She was so sweet and gave me a gift for being Co-Room Mom this year.  Is this not just the cutest idea ever!?!?  Fingerprint Art!!  And Colton as a little ball player – just PERFECT!


cole fingerprint

We had fabulous weather which helped make it an awesome day.  I’m sad that the school year is coming to an end, but excited to start working on our 2012 Summer Bucket List and preparing him for Second grade!  My “baby” is growing up!