September 18, 2012

Jump Around

This past weekend Ashley had her formal birthday party at Sky Zone in Canton, MI.  She, along with 24 of her closest friends and relatives, piled into a private “trampoline room” and bounced, flipped, dodged balls and laughed for what felt like forever (but really was only an hour).  There were screams, giggles and loud music.  An 11-year olds dream party.

Did we have fun?  It was intensely fun.  We all left winded, sweaty and laughing. 

jump pic 2

Afterwards we piled into a party room for pizza, cake and presents. 

shoes presents

sky part

cake sky

The party didn’t end here, it just moved to our house.  There was swimming, presents, backyard bbq, more trampoline jumping and of course, another cake!

party outside

She had 5 of her cousins over for a sleepover.  There was popcorn, chips and dips and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.  Then they shocked me by zonking out at 1:00am – I guess that’s what I get from wearing them out jumping and swimming all day!!  Mom is smart sometimes.  Just sometimes.


Is it weird that I’m already looking forward to next year’s party?!


Cindy said...

Looks fun...never been to Sky Zone!

April said...

Sky High is awesome. We have one locally. Two hours of jumping and laughing! It tires everyone out.

April @

Angie said...

Oh wow, what an awesome party! I bet she had a blast.

I saw one of those places while we were in Orlando & thought it looked awesome. Unfortunately Ax is too little so we couldn't go. Apparently you have to be 4 to jump!