April 9, 2009

Ok - Its On Again

Well - we are into the 4-th week of our 8-week bowling session. We are doing fairly well, as we are coming off a championship season. It feels good to be the best.
Of course Glenn and I set our averages WAY TOO HIGH!! But - we have been able to pull through with some wins thanks to SNEAKY and JENNY JENNY! Oh yeah - my 245 probably helped a little bit to.
Glenn has been OUTSTANDING as our anchor bowler. His discipline and drive to win has helped him literally win us games on his own merit. He is amazing at times.
I will update our status after tonight - position night. Would be awfully nice to be sitting somewhere near the top.....

January 23, 2009

Well I Of Course Rocked It

So like I stated, our new 8-week session of bowling started. Due to my inability to carry my team to victory as the anchor bowler, our team's self-procliamed bowling expert booted me out of anchor position and into third.

Well - he was wrong - I clearly kicked his butt with a 200, 195 and 156, an overall series of 551, clearly smoking his 537 series :)

Feels good!

January 22, 2009

Thursday is Bowling Day - the BEST day of the week

Today is the first day of the new 8-week bowling session. As before, my team consists of myself (QTPA2T), Glenn (GTUCK), Crystal (CJANN) and Neil (SNEAKY).

We aren't exactly the best team out there - but I guarantee we are definately the most popular and by far having the most fun!

We decided to get cool and get kick-ass bowling shirts. Since we are the Polar Bears I found this logo and got shirts made for the team. We totally rock them.

I love not having to think about what to wear bowling now! And....I look pretty cute in it too!

So for the next 8 weeks - you know where you can find me - Merribowl.