September 14, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Dear Nails:  You refuse to grow.  As soon as I you start to grow, you break, somewhere down low and then I have to cut you all off.  This is getting old.  I try to keep you pretty all  the time, including this week.

nails 9-14

Dear Little Lady Bug:  I hope that you have an amazing birthday party tomorrow.  It’s not often that we get to focus all of our attention on you, and I want to see a smile on your face all day and night.

ash bday dinner

Dear GTuck:  Thank you for waking up at 3am to order me my new white 64 GB iPhone 5 this morning.  You are the bomb.  Now I just need to find a kick-ass case for it.  I know you are already working on that too.


Dear Diet:  As much as I want to stick with you, I’ve been failing big time.  I will not give up.  I will eventually start rocking you.

Dear Viva Glam 1 Mac Lipstick:  I am so pissed that I lost you.  At $15 a pop, you are too expensive for me to lose. Damn you for being the perfect color for me.  I will be ordering another one of you today – but know that I am NOT happy about it.


Dear To Conquer a Highlander:  I finished you today and you were good.  However, when did regular “romance” novels become so dirty.  I mean using words like c*ck and talking about b-j’s??!!!? I wasn’t expecting that – you weren’t Fifty Shades – but you were pretty close.

To Conque

Dear new Infinity Scarf:  I absolutely loved putting you on this morning.  You are so soft and cozy and I will be wearing you all fall. 


May all of you have a wonderful, safe weekend!  Peace out!

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9 comments: said...

hey there!
i know how you feel about dieting!
it's especially hard for me when i know i won't have to worry about putting on a swimsuit anytime soon with fall approaching! also, pumpkin spice lattes and pasta keep following me everywhere i go!
hope you have a wonderful weekend!

morgan said...

and wherever did you get that scarf? it's amazing!


Allison said...
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The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

That's a pretty color.

tara said...

gorgeous nails! and i LOVE that scarf!

Laura said...

Wow I love that polish color! Have you tried any strengtheners for your nails? I hope your daughter enjoys her day! LOVE your scarf! Enjoy your weekend Heather!

Nicole said...

So, on Dr. Oz a while back they were talking about how to grow your nails out stronger. And some nurse backed him up on this. Buy a bottle of clear polish, add some garlic to it. Allow it to sit for 10 days and then apply it daily. It's supposed to make your nails as hard as acrylic. something to try :). I did start it and no your nails won't smell like garlic :)

Unknown said...

you actually got to order it? lucky! at 5am they were sold out!

New follower!
Have a great week! Drop by and say hello!

Kimberlee said...

Your nails break for many reasons. They can be dry because you're not keeping them moisturized, because they need nutrients. Sometimes it's good to check your diet. Also, it's good to sometimes let them breath with just a nutrients infused base coat for a week or so. That's what I do when my nails keep breaking. Hope this helps!