February 13, 2012

Thumbs Up Monday

It's Thumbs Up Monday!  And today, I'm letting my birthday boy take this one!  Well actually, his official birthday is tomorrow, but he has been and will be celebrating all week.  The joys of being 7!

Colton is giving one thumb up to having an awesome birthday party at Zap Zone this past weekend!  He thought it was the best party ever. I actually agree! 

The party ran smooth and everyone had a great time.  I wouldn't think twice about hosting another party there.  They have everything scheduled out and kept us moving the whole time.  I never sat down once in the 2 hours we were there.

The other thumb up is for all of his new birthday presents.  To say that he is spoiled, just doesn't cover it.  He has some favorites, like his new iPod Touch, his Aaron Rodgers jersey, his Peyton Manning jersey, his Harry Potter movies and all of his new Lego sets just to name a few.  We are truly blessed with an amazing family, extended family and friends.  It was a birthday to remember.

What are you giving a Thumb Up to today?


Faith said...

he has the same birth date as my hubby. he is def. special :)

it is the best thing when a child has a great birthday. it is all over their face. i love it.

Unknown said...

Awe happy birthday to him!!! :)