February 15, 2012

[Gurlee}Girrl Valentine

Although yesterday was Colton's birthday, we still had time to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

I had the great pleasure of planning and attending the Valentine Ice Cream Social for Colton's 1st grade class.  The kids made sundaes and enjoyed them after they passed out their Valentine's.  I'm happy to report that ours were a huge hit - with the kids - I think his teacher wanted to strangle me. 

We had a great time.  Here is Colton with his Valentines.

I picked up a few things for the kids for an after school surprise:

Ash - Zookeeper DVD, King Size Hershey Bar, 2-Pack Baby Lips Gloss, shower puff and Krave cereal.

Colton - Cars 2 DVD, King Size Hershey Bar, Mario Kart Notepad and iTunes gift card.

They both were super excited.  I got so many "Thank you mom" from both of them and of course a few hugs & kisses.  It made my day.

This GurleeGirrl got a few things too:

I ended the night watching the first Harry Potter movie with my birthday boy.  Had some awesome cuddling time.

Before I fell asleep I came across a Tweet from one of my favorite bands - AM Taxi.  They released a video for their song Charissa as a Valentine's gift to me their fans.  This GurleeGirrl couldn't have asked for a better ending to a great day! ENJOY!

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every day is a journey said...

It sounds like you had a Fantastic Day!!