April 13, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Is it just me, or did we just have a Friday the 13th not that long ago?  Anyhoo, I'm not superstitous, but I find it very funny how I think it heard it mentioned on the radio 2 times on my 10 minute drive in to work. 

Since it's Friday, I'm linking up with Tara and Vicki for:

This week I raided my daughter's polish collection and chose:

What's Your MOOD? Color Changing Polish in Pink

It's more of a hot pink in person, and I LOVE it.  It is a matte polish and reminds me of a candy shell.  I haven't noticed the color changing, other than when it went from wet to dry.  So - unless my mood NEVER changes, which I can guarantee you it does, this polish doesn't work ;)

Randomness on Friday:
  • I am beyond impressed with Old Navy's new spring/summer clothes!  I am resisting the urge to hit one up and load up!  Some of these outfits are just too perfect.

  •  I totally need to clean my Jeep out.  There are crumbs everywhere in my backseat.  I spilled the movie popcorn in the front seat and pie crust is in the back, along with candy wrappers from the kids stuffing them in the doors!!  It's a MESS.
  • It's time to take the Easter decorations down, but I'm dreading it because the house will look so plain. 
  • At the movies on Tuesday, we had a little fun with pictures:

He didn't share the same love of Barnabus (Johnny Depp) as Ash & I did.

  • After watching just one episode of The Walking Dead - I think it might be too scary for me!!  I was scared and anxious the entire time. OMG is this show graphic.  YIKES 

  • I am so happy I finally got all of the sweets from Easter out of my house!  The people at work have been thanking me all week for the goodies!
  • I'm totally loving this song by One Direction.  Thank goodness I have a 10 year old daughter that I can use as my excuse when it's blaring in my car!  However - I just gotta say - 1) dude is wearing red pants - not a fan and 2) these boys shouldn't be frolicking in the water and on the beach together - makes me laugh.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


tara said...

gotta love a good pink nail polish! :)

Angie said...

My poor van looks ridiculous. There is SOOOO much junk in it. It will take me forever to clean.

I think there is something like 5 Friday the 13ths this year. I don't recall that happening before. I guess it has, probably something to do with leap year.

I need to take my Easter decor down too. Okay, I need to take the eggs off my Easter tree. that is the most decor I put up!

Have a good weekend friend

Unknown said...

hey!! is that at AMC 20 in Livonia!? That's my place!! lol