April 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a well needed restful one!  Friday consisted of relaxing and watching a marathon of The Walking Dead.

It's safe to say I am HOOKED.  Scared - but hooked.

Saturday I slept in and spent a large part of the day in my PJs reading my new book.

I had to check out what all the hype is about this book.  Well needless to say, I'll have the book done tonight.  I love a good trashy romance book - but this kinda takes it one step further.  If there really is a movie in the works - it's going to be awfully uncomfortable to sit through - unless they alter it.  Just my take.

Saturday night I was invited over to Jenny Jenny's parent's home for a night of card playing.  As usual, I lost, but had so much fun!  The night was full of wine, laughs and chatting. 

Sunday morning I woke up early to hit the gym.  Finally signed up at Powerhouse.  Did a tour, treadmill, free weights and leg machines.  Ended it with 2 Miles on the elliptical (a record for me!!!)  I was pooped! 

Grocery shopping followed and a visit with my mom.  Ended the day with Kafta Kabob from Red Olive and season finale of  Eastbound and Down and some more Walking Dead. 

It was a GREAT weekend!  How was yours?


every day is a journey said...

Wow super busy weekend ... I'm glad you got to relax

Samantha said...

I have heard amazing things about 50 Shades of Grey...I may have to pick that up.

Visiting from the Monday Meet-UP!


Angie said...

Glad your weekend was fun! We had a nice weekend too. Hope your week ahead is just as good to you :)