February 16, 2012

Review Wednesday (Thursday Edition)

I haven’t written a movie review in quite some time, and as much as it pains me to do so, I’m letting you all know what I thought of The Vow.

Now I must let you know that I had very high expectations for this movie.  I anxiously awaited it’s release, positive that it was going to rock my socks off, or at least make me shed some tears.  I am sad to say – it didn’t do either. 

The premise of the movie was good, a couple (Paige & Leo) get in an accident, she is in a medical induced coma, wakes up and doesn’t know her husband, as her memory returns to pre-Leo (like 5 years).  We see some flashbacks and Leo talks about their first meeting, them dating and their wedding to get us up-to-date.    They are hipsters living in Chicago, he working as the owner of recording studio and she as an in-demand artist.
When she awakes, she remembers nothing from her life with Leo, and only remembers the life she was living, with her parents, her fiance and being in law school.  Leo tries to explain to her that her life then is much different than the life they were living, she being an artist (sculptor), having no relationship with her family and that she had long broke it off with her then fiance.    The distance from her family is revealed, and that is really when you see a change in Paige. 
Up until this point most of the movie is Leo trying to “woo” his non-interested wife into loving him again.  The entire time Paige is a bitch.  Although she “suffers” through a few dates with him, most of the time she is obviously not trying when it comes to re-connecting with her husband.  She moves in with her parents, she even tries to connect with her previous fiance.  You spend so much time rooting for Leo, and hating Paige, but as the story unfolds, you start to feel sorry for her too.
I never really connected with them as a couple, which is probably why I didn’t get emotionally involved.   It’s very rare that I do not shed a tear – hey I even cried during the preview for Titanic 3D before the movie – and I know how that story ends.  I guess I was just hoping for more.
I can only give the movie an OK rating.  It was good, but not even near Loved It status.  I should have listened to GTuck and let this one be a rental.  
If you seen it, let me know what you thought?   

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Cami said...

I want to see this movie...but probably read the book first!!