February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Baby Boy

My little man turns 7 today! It seems like just yesterday I was holding him for the first time.  He has grown up so quickly. 

When I first started this blog -way back in 2007 - I wrote this post on his 2nd birthday.  Let's see how much my baby boy has changed.

For one, he doesn't give me the big smiles like he did then.  It's rare for him to actually pose for me.

Colton 2012

Colton 2007

Things that made my heart melt:

1. his hot little temper - The boy still has this.  Now, it's not so cute.  

2. that he always has to be your little helper - Now getting him to help is like pulling teeth.  He hates cleaning up his own mess!

3. how he drags bags and boxes around that weigh twice what he does :) He still does this - for being 7 - he's a toughie alright!

4. how he hates it when his big-sister sits next to me - Now he only hates when she sits next to him!

5. how he loves to do things over and over and over and loves each one like the first time - He certainly grew out of this.  Getting him to do anything twice - doesn't happen - unless it involves playing video games.

6. how he gets a deep belly laugh when he's having fun - Still True - Still Melts Me Every Time.

7. how out of nowhere he looks at you and gives you that special little smile - Now he surprises me every now and then with "I love you mom".  Out of nowhere.  Melts me.

8. how he brings me his boots and says bye-bye - Now he just says "Mom take me to Target so I can get a toy!".  

9. how he takes my arm and wraps it around him tighter when we cuddle in the morning - I thank God everyday that he still likes to cuddle with me on the couch, and still trys to wrap my arms around him tighter.  Love this.

10. when he gives me kisses and puts his head on my shoulder - I still get kisses - but he doesn't put his head on my shoulder anymore.  

Things that make me melt today:

1.  how he wants a mohawk (he isn't happy with just a faux hawk!).

2.  how he can master any video game.

3.  how he plays sports and thinks he's awesome.

4.  how he sings in the shower because he doesn't think anyone is listening.

5. that his glasses can be filthy, and he'll tell me they are clean.

6. that he loves wearing football jerseys. He looks adorable.

7. that he gives me a thumbs up when he likes something.  This is why I started Thumbs Up Monday. 

I love this little guy more than words can say.  Each day I thank God for both of my children.  They bring more joy to me than I ever imagined possible.

And now - a few pics from his party:

The Cake - Thanks GTuck for all of your help!  It was a hit!

Colton & His Friends

The gift bags were a hit!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures during the laser tag games, but we had an awesome time.  Biggest surprise was that Papa (my dad) was the highest scorer on our team!  Who knew he'd rock at laser tag? 

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day - I sure did! What did everyone get? 


Faith said...

he is such a cutie! looks like he had a great birthday!

Happy {belated} Birthday!!

every day is a journey said...

Happy Birthday to your son.. I'm glad he had a good time. The pictures look great..