February 21, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Well, I can't believe I skipped a Thumbs Up Monday yesterday! I took some time off to enjoy a spa day.  I've had some serious aches and pains lately - especially in my right arm which, since the cancer, has lymphedema.  PAIN in the ass.  I really should be wearing my compression sleeve, but oh how it aggravates me.  Too darn tight.  Hate it.  Anyhoo, on to the good stuff.  This weeks Sometimes and Always is all about the kids:

Sometimes I get so annoyed watching my kids' TV shows.
Always love listening to them laugh and talk to each other while watching with them.

Sometimes while listening to my iPod I realize I'm singing along to a High School Musical song (because a good mom has her kids' music on-hand always).
Always keep singing, because really, those darn songs are just so catchy.

Sometimes I can't believe my daughter is getting big enough to "borrow" my things.
Always secretly get excited. I love having a daughter and being able to share GurleeGirrl things with her.

Sometimes it frustrates me that Ashely likes to order off the adult menu when we go out to dinner ($10 vs. $4)!
Always let her order whatever she wants.  The bacon cheeseburger from the regular menu is a 100x  better than the pathetic kids burger!  And those that know me, you know it's always about the food with this girl!  She's just like her mamma!

Sometimes I just stand back and say "wow" when I'm looking at those kids.
Always so proud of the polite, well mannered little adults they are!

I'm linking up today with the lovely Megan.  If you haven't seen her blog, you really should.  Recently she and her husband suffered a terrible loss, and I'm sure some of you could send some blog-world love their way.


Cami said...

Cute post!
Sorry to hear about the arm + cancer. HUGS. Sending prayers your way <3

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about the cancer, but hooray for the spa day!

Such a devoted momma for the iPod. No kids here, but I have some of those same catchy tunes on my iPhone :)

Thank you for stopping by and leaving me some love, definitely plan on following you from now on!

Faith said...

I'm saddened to hear of your arm. I hope that the pain eases up. I love how you talk of your kiddos, you can tell how much you adore them.

Angie said...

Sorry to hear about your arm pain. Hope it eases up soon.

I totally LOVE sharing things with my daughter. We are the same shoe size so I don't mind spending a bit more on shoes now that we both can wear them.

My 13 year old orders off the adult menu too & barely eats 1/2 of it. I don't say anything, I mean she is 13 but geeze it's such a waste of money.

Hope you have a good week!!!

Megan said...

Hope you start feeling better!! You are the best mom...love that you sing along to the kid's songs! So cute!

Thanks for linking up with me!