January 26, 2012

What Do You Think?

On Tuesday night, after seeing Haywire, Jenny Jenny, Chrissy and I were in the restroom and the conversation went something like this:
Chrissy:   I met some random in a bar the other night and he asked me out.
Me:   Cool

Chrissy:  Is it bad that I don’t want to go out with him now because he had a flip phone?
Me:  (laughing hysterically) Huh? What?  You mean when he got your number, you noticed he was using a flip phone?

Chrissy:  Yeah.  Is that horrible of me?

Me:   Why, because you figure he’s lame because he doesn’t have a cool phone?
Jenny:   Maybe his iPhone fell into water and he’s just using it until he can get a new one.

Me:  Maybe it’s his work phone or something.   Who knows?
Chrissy:    Well if this was 2003 I’d be all over him – but it’s not.  Plus, all I can think of is every time he texts me I just picture him with his little flip phone pushing all those little buttons.  It must be exhausting for him.

We all had a good laugh, I made fun of her for a while and the conversation ended.
Later that night, we had a nice texting convo about it and it went like this:

Chrissy:  Do I give flip phone man a chance?
Me:   Where you drunk when you met him?

Chrissy:    Yes
Me:  Was he hot?

Chrissy:   He’s cute and he’s been quite nice. 
Me:   Well he sounds worth the one date thing you got going on.

Chrissy:   Ha ha true.  And he came up with a plan on his own.  I admire a man for that.  Though I can’t eat but I can eat fajitas.

Me:   What did he plan?

Chrissy:  Dinner at a Mexican restaurant and drinks.  Drinks after.
Me:  Why not then?

Chrissy:  That seems like a long time to be stuck with him.
Me:  LOL – True

This is where our convo ended.  I’m not sure what she decided.
It got me thinking though.  This whole situation is like some Kate Hudson movie.  You know the kind of movie where:

Girl meets Boy at bar. Girl’s not sure about going out with boy for one reason or another (seems like a player, doesn’t have a job, etc.).  Girl goes for it.
Now – this is where the story can get interesting.  I give you the two scenarios I see:

A)      Boy ends up being a douche bag, she has a horrible evening and he sticks her with the check.


B)      Boy ends up being super rich and successful, has a hot body to boot, and they live happily ever after.
What do you think?  She should go out with him?  Does the flip phone sway you one way or another? 

Now what I meant when I said “he sounds worth the one date thing you got going on”  -  she has come to the conclusion that basically after one date, you kind of know if it’s gonna be a good thing or not. Why waste time going out again?
Now I want to make it super clear, Chrissy is one of my best friends and the only reason this conversation took place is because she talks this way with ME.  Everyone reading this knows that you can say things like this to your best friend because you know she won’t judge you. 

I actually give her credit for being able to openly discuss her qualifications for dating a guy.  The mother side of me is happy that she is like this. 

When I think about what kind of man I want for Ashley, I know that above all else, he must love her and put her needs first.  I’m not saying that money will ensure this.  But it is my hope if she decides she wants to be a SAHM, than she should be able too.  I want her to have the security that money can bring. 
I think this is all that Chrissy is looking for too. 

I don’t see anything wrong with wanting or expecting the man to be a provider.  I commend her for not wanting to string him along.  Why should she go out with him if she has no intention of being in a relationship with him?  Why should she settle for someone that she is not going to be happy with?  It doesn’t mean she is shallow or a gold digger, it just means she respects herself and refuses to lower the standards she wants for her life. 
This GurleeGirrl says YOU GO GIRL!

I’m hoping that Chrissy’s fairytale comes true.  And hey – her Prince could very well be Flip Phone Guy.


Sarah said...

maybe he's a flip phone guy cuz he doesn't want to 'waste' his money on technology that he doesn't really 'need'...

Cindy said...

I love this story and think it's hilarious...have had similar conversations with friends. Perhaps a casual double date for Mexican with you and your hubby!?

Alyssa said...

That is hilarious! I say give him one date and decide from there!