January 27, 2012

So I Keep Trying to Find....

the perfect dark colored nail polish for ME!  I see sooooooo many people wearining dark polish and it looks awesome.  I have about 10 different (non-black) dark polishes and none of them compliment my skin tone.  UGH!  I'm thinking of just giving up.  What do you say?

Color:  OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
OPI Description:  Where Midnight Meets Purple

The purplish tint didn't really show up on my nails.  Looked mostly black. 

What's your favorite dark polish? 

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Jacquie said...

I haven't found a dark color for me either, the closest I've gotten is a dark navy but it was obviously more blue then dark. Good luck!

Balancing Lisa said...

I love lincoln park after dark! It's the only polish I've ever replaced after it ran out! ;) Great pick! xo


Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

Try Sally Hansen Gray Area. I love how it came out on my nails!

Unknown said...

My go-to for dark polish that doesn't make me look goth-y (I have seriously pale skin) is OPI's Russian Navy. I'm on my third bottle.

silvergirl said...

don't give up!!
i love me some lincoln park in the dark but if it isn't your cup of tea try midnight in moscow or lady godiva by essie

tara said...

i LOVE sally hansen gray area! all time fave! you should try it!