January 24, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes I think I'm gonna plan out my Sometimes & Always better.
Always end up doing it on the fly!

Sometimes I have every intention of warming my car up before I leave work.
Always end up forgetting to do it.  My remote car starter was the best purchase I never use! FAIL

Sometimes I think I want to sign up for yoga class.
Always realize that I am booked everyday and can't find the time to squeeze another SCHEDULED activity into it.

Sometimes I think I'm gonna be a big winner at bingo.
Always end up needing just ONE more number!!!!  So frustrating!!!!!!!!

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Sarah said...

hi heather- just gave you a blog award- come check out my post from this afternoon!!

Angie said...

Ha Ha- I used to play Bingo & I was always one number away too. Your right, TOTALLY annoying!!!

Cindy said...

Came to you via Liebster Award...small world...I also live in Oakland County and previously lived in the same city as you from reading you profile. :)

Faith said...

i always want to sign up for yoga but never get around to doing it ... i think it would be so relaxing.

Holly said...

Hahah I know what you mean about always thinking you're going to plan your Sometimes & Always posts, but never actually doing it. I do that too! Every week!