January 20, 2012

Randomness on Friday

Is it crazy that I'm pretty excited that it looks like NEON colors are making a comeback this spring!!!  Yes, I'm a lover of the 80's fashion. 

Looking forward to going to the Plymouth Ice Festival this weekend.  Since the forecast call for snow and cold temperatures tonight into tomorrow - I'll probably hit this up on Sunday. 

I've started to sock some money away for the Bingo Bus trip scheduled for the weekend of April 28th.   No, I'm not a 60-year old woman, but being able to drink wine, play bingo and win some cool prizes makes this GurleeGirrl pretty happy.  Technically, the only time bingo is played is on the bus - as you are headed to first the Soaring Eagle Casino and then on for an overnight stay at the beautiful Little River Resort.  It's definitely a time to get my gambling on!! Let It Ride and Roulette are my favs.

This sports momma is actually looking forward to attending my daughter's volleyball and my son's double-header basketball games tomorrow.  Luckily all games are at the same facility. 

Although I love the sequin shirt I'm wearing today, it is totally picking my arms and irritating the shizz out of me!  Damn my love of sequins!

Just checked out a newly released photo of Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins in the upcoming film Dark Shadows (set to be released May 11, 2012).  All I can say is out of the three Barnabas' - he's not my fave.  Tim Burton made him look way too "Tim Burton-esque" for my taste. Fail.  Of course I'll still see the movie - I do love me some Johnny Depp.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Angie said...

Neon is just awesome!!! I love all things Neon :)

Your bingo bus trip sounds like a blast. I used to play bingo, so much fun!

Have a good weekend :)

Faith said...

ahh, i love Neon! bring it on! :)