January 30, 2012

Thumbs Up Monday

Today I’m giving 4 thumbs up! 

   The first one is to me for being in 1st place OVERALL in my weight loss competition – with a 4.77% weight loss percentage.  Also, won my side bet weigh-in with a co-worker.  Yes, I’m on a roll!

The second one is to getting FREE Scentsy products by co-hosting a party with my lovely sister.  I really didn’t do anything but show up, but she is just too sweet and is sharing the credits with me.  Love her.

The third one is for the Tigers signing Prince Fielder.  This is HUGE news her in Michigan.  

And finally, the fourth one is for the 90 minute massage I bought myself.  Yes, I totally deserve it.

What are you giving a thumb up to this week?


Faith said...

that is so awesome! congrats!

and a massage...i would be giving myself thumbs up too!

i kinda don't get thumbs up today ... maybe by the end of the week, hehe.

Crystal Seed said...

Congrats in the weight loss! That's worth 10 thumbs up!! I don't have anything good to say this Monday. Today was actually a pretty stressful day for me. But hopefully the week brings good things! Have a great one!

Cindy said...

Good for you...and I'm excited about Prince, too!!

Angie said...

Way to go, your doing so well on your weight loss journey. I think that you definitely deserve a massage!!!

Nicole said...

Awesome on the weight loss! Wanna buy me a massage? I'd let ya ;)