January 17, 2012

Tattoo or Not to Tattoo

We all know that tattoos are not for everyone.  When I was younger, I always associated tattoos with motorcycle gangs.  If I seen someone with a tattoo it would actually scare me.  Never, in a million years, did I think I'd ever get one!

Fast forward 30 years - I find myself wanting to get a tattoo.  Now keep in mind I used to have really bad skin allergies.  Thankfully the older I get, the better this becomes.  My mom always filled me with fear that I'd have a horrible reaction to the ink and it would scar me and look hideous.  I did some research about skin reactions (there are very few), and decided to ignore mom's guidance and just do it!

Now I didn't want to get just anything.  I figured if I was going to have it forever, it better be something that I loved.  After searching for pictures for awhile, it finally hit me what I really wanted.  A ladybug.  Why a ladybug?  Well, because after I had my daughter, I nicknamed her my little ladybug.  I actually went crazy with them.  They are everywhere in my house.  She was and still is my Lucky Little Ladybug.  So in her honor, this momma got her first tattoo.  It's located on my left shoulder. 

Tattoo number 2 came a short time later.  It is not as symbolic to me as the first, but I still love it.  I say the main star is me, the blue one is for Colton (my son) and the pink one is for Ash (my daughter).  I had trouble with the yellow on this one.  It scabbed up on me and when it fell off - it took the yellow with it!  I've thought about getting it touched up - maybe when I get my 3rd.  This one is located on the top of my right foot. 

Tattoo number 3 is coming soon.  I know it will be the most meaningful - as I want to incorporate a breast cancer ribbon into it.  I am a 2-year, Stage 3 survivor.  It will be a reminder of the fight I endured, the fight ahead to stay healthy and a reminder to live life fully because it's much too short!

Do you have any tattoos?  Would you ever get one?  What do you think of them?

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Crystal Seed said...

Tattoos are an addiction that nobody understands unless they've gone under the needle. I love each and every one of my tattoos. They all have special meaning, with the exception of the one on my lower back. (what I like to call my tramp stamp that I got to rebel against my parents when I was 18). Other then that I have a frog on my left foot. That represents my maiden family name (Leap). And then my Daughters name and birth date on ride side ribs, and then I have 3 7's in white ink on my left wrist. That was represents my wedding anniversary. July 7, 2007. And I'm planning on getting another one here soon. Possibly on or around my 26th birthday which is in March. That will be "I am who I am" in cursive writing on the top of my right shoulder. And that will represent my journey of being adopted and accepted as a person in the family that raised me. I love your little ladybug and your stars! They are adorable!

Sara @ Our Life Blog said...

i love both of your tattoos! i have 2 myself! and i am getting a foot tattoo with my mom this summer! :) i have always loved them! :)

Amie said...

Great tattoos. I think tattoos should always have a special meaning

Raven said...

motorcycle gangs lol!!! How times have changed :) Love that you got a little ladybug for your daughter. I am definitely planning on getting something that incorporates my boys. Thanks so much for linking up with me!!

Megan said...

I totally love that your tattoos are so meaningful, especially the one coming!!! Good for you!!