August 31, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Nothing better than a Friday before a long weekend!! Although I was on vacation last week, I so need a day off!  It’s just crazy that this marks the END OF SUMMER!  Time flies for sure.  Marking the end of summer, this week I chose a fun color for the first part of the week:

8-31 nails 2

I really liked this blue, I like that it was a matte polish, and it actually has a grittiness to it.  However, by the next day – it  was chipped up beyond repair.  That PEEVES me off big time.  To only get 1 day out of it sucked. This will now become one of my daughter’s colors.

For my second choice I grabbed a color that reminded me of fall:

8-21 nails 1

It’s a burnt red and I love it. It’s been a few days now and it still looks great. 

With fall being just around the corner, I would love some recommendations of some darker, bolder colors.  I have never been able to find the right “dark” color and if you have – please share!

Dear Pepperoni Cheese Bread:  I am counting down the hours until I can “snack” on you in the car.  You better not disappoint me.  I’m imagining you being heaven in my mouth. 

pizza bread

Dear Memphis, TN:  It was not in the cards for me to visit you.  However, I still got a little piece of Elvis to tie me over until we can meet.

Elivs Wine

Dear Weight Watchers Pasta Salad with Blue Cheese & Arugula:  After posting about you a few weeks ago, I could not resist having you for lunch this week.  You are as wonderful as I remember and I love you.

salad blue cheese

Dear Soccer Steph:  Tomorrow is your birthday and I’m excited that I get to be a part of your fun day.  We are for sure gonna whoop it up!


Dear Camp KesemYou took care of my babies and sent them home with their “awards” and stories.  It may have only been 6 days, but you somehow inspired both of them to push their limits and they cannot wait until next year.  To say I’m proud of them in an understatement.  Who else can brag that their kids are “Ladybug The Helping” and “Homerun The Super Camper”?  No one else can, just me.


Dear TrueBlood:  WTF?  Bilith?  Really??? Not cool.


And with that, I bid you a great weekend!  See you in the fall!

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Essie Rae said...

Oh my, LOVE the blue!

Faith said...

i absolutely love that blue color ... sucks that it didn't last long.

and omg, that pepperoni cheese bread. i just want to eat it. it had better taste like heaven because it looks and sounds like it!

and that salad looks incredible too! too funny that i always see the food and the nails, haha.

let me mention something else, lol. i would love to know how they earned the awards since the names of the awards are too cute!

enjoy your long weekend!

Angie said...

September 1st always marks MY first day of Fall too :)

Have a great weekend my friend

Nicole said...

Wow, that blue would be perfect for my high school colors!

Candace Shiflet said...

LOVE the blue but totally have the nail polish chipping every .2 second problem, too haha. I'm wearing red now, must be a good color because mine is barely chipped after a week! Anyways, your kids are adorable!

Lovely Little Rants

tara said...

i love that blue! too bad it chips easily! =/

Laura said...

I actually love that blue. Too bad it chips. I have not watched the finale of Trueblood yet. Hopefully this weekend! If I remember, I will email you some great dark colors to try. I have to look through my stash. I love seeing pictures of your kids. They are precious. have a great weekend!

Janie said...

Love Bullish! Hate Bill LOL