August 8, 2012

Flat But Not a Flop

I’m certainly not a fashion blogger, not even close to being a fashionable momma, heck I’m even wearing BLACK nylons today (which I hear is a fashion no-no in the summer – EEK!!!) but I am a clothesaholic, and since I have to “dress up” for work, I normally hit up H&M, JCPenney, and of course my favorite stores, Kohls & Target.  I have 3 closets FULL of clothes, and have “racks” rigged in my basement to accommodate my overflow.  Along with my clothes obsession, I also own an unimaginable amount of shoes, and about 40 pairs of them are flip flops.  So when I kept seeing a certain pair of flip flops around some fashion blogs, I knew I had to add them to my collection.

I snatched me up these babies:

poeske cream

I bought them in Cream – since I was lacking a pair in that color.  I paid the FULL price of $14.99 for them.  At first glance I thought they were stylish, pretty and relatively cheap BUT extremely flimsy, super FLAT and not the type of shoe that would last more than a season of wear. 

Technically I am not supposed to wear this type of shoe to work, however, being the rebel-rule breaker that I am, I decided to give them a shot on casual Friday.  This particular Friday, my driveway was under construction (getting new cement), so I had to hike it across my front lawn.  I was trying to not get them soaking wet in the grass, because I knew the “cardboard” construction would not hold up too well if wet.  I was really trying to get into the car pretty fast, as every worker in my driveway was staring at me, and I just wanted to get the heck outta there.

I arrived at work and stepped out of my car and it felt like I was stepping on a rock.  So I try rubbing my foot on the ground to push the “stone” out from under my foot.  Well, it wasn’t a stone.  It just happened to be DOG DOODOO.  Yeah, and by rubbing my foot across the ground, and with the sole being so thin, I was scraping dog crap onto my foot in the process.  OMG!   At  this point, I was ready to cry and puke. 

I grabbed some napkins out of my car and started the cleaning process.  I just wanted to climb right back in the car, head home and bury my head in my pillow and cry for the day.  However, that was not an option.  I ran into the bathroom and had no choice but to full fledge wash my foot and shoe in the sink.  Thank goodness nobody walked in on that scene. 

Bottom line – these flip flops are still going strong – not poop nor water could take them down!  I say for $14.99, they are the bomb.

FYI – these are NOT the type of shoes to wear if you are walking any amount of distance.  The flatness is insane, and with my terrible clumsiness, I trip over them all the time.

After my phenomenal luck with the above, I decided to try another Tar-Jay flip flop special and bought these beauties:


Is it weird that when I wear these, I think my feet look sexy? Again, these shoes are really flat soled and not great walking shoes, but they are super cute.  I also love that they only cost me $7.50 since they were on clearance!! WOOT WOOT!!

I’m thinking about grabbing another pair, maybe in the metallic finish.  They are great with shorts, capris and even my skinny jeans.  Love them.

Have you jumped on the bandwagon and bought either one of these sandals from Target?  How many pairs of sandals do you normally buy in a season? 


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Those are both really cute. Funny story - you were trying to be so careful and then... :-)

Faith said...

Hehe, hilarious! I could picture the scene and everything, lol.

I have the first ones in mint! I absolutely love them and think they are very comfortable! Awesome for the price!

Nicole said...

very cute, but I"m not sure I could pull them off.

Julie said...

They are cute! I normally have a few pairs. This year I didn't buy more than one pair. I completely could picture your story about the dog poop. Ew! I would have been gagging and crying. lol

Ashley said...

omg.....that is quite the story!!! i have the same shoes in black! glad to know they can stand the test of poo ;)
and that second pair? totally sexy!

Angie said...

Ha Ha- You cracked me up with your story! I don't do really flat shoes but both of these are too cute!!