August 10, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Dear Week:  You have sucked.  I’m really trying to make you better, but you need to cooperate.

Dear OPI La Paz-Itively Hot Nail Polish:  You are the perfect pink, pearlescent color, and the fact that you came as a duo with a nail clipper and file, that makes you even sweeter.

Nails Picture 8-10

Dear Fox Sweater from Target : People at work think I’m wearing Garanimals for adults, but I love you anyways.  I told Ashley that you were Too Cool For School, so that’s why you belong to momma and not her!


 Dear Camp Kesem:  I’m dropping my babies off this weekend.  Please, please, please take care of them.  Encourage them to push their limits and be adventurous.  Although my battle with cancer is behind them, they still need to vent to someone else and be around kids who have/are dealing with the same issues. 

Dear Monthly Bills:  I want to understand why every single one of you are crazy high lately including water ($300???), electric ($500???) and even gas ($4.20/gallon????) WTF?  This girly is NOT rich, and that won’t be changing any time soon.  I want to karate chop you all in half – that would make me feel much better.

Dear Dumbass Who Pulled the Fire Alarm At Work:  I did not appreciate having to interrupt my lunch to go and stand outside in the pouring rain.  So not cool.  I also didn’t appreciate having to listen to the alarm blare for another 20 minutes because no one knew how to turn it off.  That was REALLY not cool.

Dear 5:00:  PLEASE HURRY.

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Jennifer Kay said...

I am in love with the polish AND the sweater, they go perfectly together!!!

Angie said...

I LOVE your sweater!!!
Hope your kids have a great time at the camp. I think it's awesome that you are sending them. Your right, kids do need to vent. I know from my Anika (and the wreck) that sometimes they need to talk to others besides their parents.

Much love to you friend! Enjoy your weekend!!

tara said...

love that pretty pink! hope you have an awesome weekend to make up for your not so great week!

Laura said...

Love that color! I noticed your necklace in the fox sweater picture and that is what I am hoping is in the mysterious box that my husband left out to taunt me! I hope the kids enjoy camp! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

adore the shirt and the nail polish! so much!

Have a great week ahead! Drop by and say hello!

Vicki said...

Such a fun color!

Faith said...

Love the nail color and your top from Target!

Who pulls fire alarms?! So lame!

C said...

I love the hot pink mani, but I especially love that sweater!!

Stopping by (a little late) from the linkup :)

Kimberlee said...

Pretty color! Matches the fox on your sweater ;)

Janie said...

Love your polish and that fox sweater is awesome!