August 6, 2012

Mascara & Lip Gloss Swap REVEAL!!!

I’m sure you all know that this girl loves wearing lip stick, so I was super excited to participate in a Mascara and Lip Gloss Swap hosted by Tara, Holly and Meg


I was paired up with Julie from Love, JulieBug


After exchanging several emails with her, and of course a little blog stalking, I got to work picking out just the right goodies to send off to her.  We both bonded over our dislike of lip gloss, so we agreed lip stick was the way to go.  If you want to see what I sent her, check that out here.

Now, I know you’re dying to see what kind of happiness she sent my way!




I received 2 Lip Sticks!!!! The first is L’Oreal’s Evangeline Red.  This color is a deeper, brownish red (which is what I wear).  It goes on great and lasts a long time.  I have been wearing this one every day!  The second is Revlon’s Really Red.  This color appears dark in the tube, but as applied it has a sheerness to it.  It definitely is a color to wear when you want a more natural look, with just a hint of color. 

The mascara is Lashaholic by Hard Candy.  I wear mascara only about 20% of the time, but I was excited to try this one out.  It goes on great – not clumpy at all and really has given my lashes some definition, which they needed, because my post-chemo lashes are no where as long/full as they used to be.  This mascara does the trick though!  Oh and I love the packaging – it’s in a hot pink tube!  Perfection!

Julie, being the sweetest thing ever, threw in a beautiful nail polish by Pure Ice – Crimson.  I was excited to try it out also and will be looking for some other Pure Ice colors. 

I want to thank Julie for her awesome picks for me.  It was a delight getting to know her.  I want to thank her for introducing me to two new brands – Pure Ice and Hard Candy - my pocket book, however, does not.


Blue Dog Belle said...

Wow... that is some red lipstick! love it!

xoxo, Emily

tara said...

love those lipsticks!

Meg O. said...

I have never tried that mascara before but Hard Candy is impressing me lately! Glad you had fun with the swap! Thank you for joining!

Angie said...

What a fun package! I LOVE swaps :)