July 6, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Where did the week go?? It’s Friday and it couldn’t make me happier.  I actually worked this week (except for the 4th) and it was way to quiet around our office.  That just means I actually got a lot of work done! 

This week I chose another China Glaze polish:


I ended up loving this blue.  It has some “texture” to it.  Not really sparkles – but it looks two-toned polka-dotty.  Very cool.  It dries Matte – but I had the manicurist put a top coat on so it was glossy.   Only downfall is that it chipped pretty quickly – but I had the bottle for touch-ups so I made it through the holiday.

Now go here and here to see some other pretty holiday nails!

Now on to some Friday randomness:

  • Downloaded a new book to my Kindle Fire – I’m hoping it’s good and not just like The Hunger Games.


  • Hitting up the Detroit Tigers game this evening.  Excited for pre-game country concerts and post-game fireworks!  Just hoping our seats are in the shade!  Also hope we get to see the boys do their special shake:


  • After the game, looking  forward to sipping on some Red Wine Sprite-zers.


  • Took the kids to see The Amazing Spiderman last night.  I thought it was the BEST Spiderman movie to date.  The 3-D and CG was beyond amazing.  They did a top-notch job on it.  As much as I thought Andrew Garfield was a poor choice to play Peter Parker – he actually rocked the roll.  The chemistry between he and Emma Stone was obvious too.  It’s a good choice to see at the theater – seeing it at home wouldn’t do it justice.  There were a few tear-jerker moments (yes I cried 3 times) and a ton of action scenes the last half of the movie.  It does start off sort of slow – but once it got going – it was really something.


  • I love that all the fruits I enjoy seem to be in season right now.  I’ve been eating watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew and pineapple for my snack, and I look forward to waking up to this wonderful bowl of “cereal” each morning.  I actually get my lazy butt out of bed excitedly to eat it!


  • Song of the week – Kenny Chesney – Come Over:
Loving It

On with the weekend! 


Cindy said...

Awesome stuff! Go Tigers!!!

Nicole said...

your nails are AWESOME!

C said...

Wow! That nail looks awesome! I hope I can see Spiderman this weekend? Andrew and Emma are perfect!

Stopping by from the linkup :)

Unknown said...

Errr...can we talk about your accent finger for a second? It's SO PRETTY, I can barely keep it together. ;)

Paige said...

Divergent is AMAZING! you will not be disappointed. I just finished the second one and can't wait for the third.

tara said...

oohh! i love that blue! how gorgeous!

AnchorsandHoney said...

LOVE your nails!Stopping by from redrose-vintage.blogspot.com. I found you on the Find and Follow blog hop! Stop by when ever you'd like :)

Laura said...

I love your nails. I love the design. Very classy. I just finished divergent. I liked it but am not in a rush to read the second part for some reason. It was a little bit odd. Maybe its just me?

Angie said...

Your nails look awesome- I love that little design!!!

I'm all about fruit right now. It must be a pregnancy thing for me because usually I don't eat a lot of fruit.

Hope your enjoying every second of your weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your nail art and I really need to see Spiderman. Following you, cutie!

Franziska said...

your breakfast looks delicious! I always have a boring egg sandwich :(

Kimberlee said...

Ooh what pretty nails!

Ashley said...

oh i love your nails!! and i can't wait to see spiderman!! it's going to be a long week with no mid-week break ;)

Unknown said...

Love love love that blue nail polish. And of course the wine (but that was a given)

RichLittlePoorGirl said...

love love the blue polish!! ;)

follow each other??