July 12, 2012

Laugh With Me and Then At Me

Is it crazy that my first thought was how awesome this would really be?

It seems every person I know is addicted to Pinterest.  I do my fair share of surfing it – but I normally only check out the Recipe board (since I’m a super awesome cook – lol).  Anyways – I looked at the Humor board today and found some Pins that really cracked me up. 

no spankingForever 39friendships

matching underwearget to know herwhenyousnore

drivinghold my drinkpayattention

winestrongcinderellagood wife

Do you relate to any of these?  I think my favorite is the one about people who drive slower/faster than me.  I swear it totally kills me when people drive under the speed limit, even if its just slightly, and then I freak out when people go whizzing by me when I’m doing the speed limit! 

These totally perked up my dull Thursday!

A funny moment occurred last night at the movies.  We went to see Savages.  The movie is about drugs, drug dealing, kidnapping, killing, etc.  It’s a pretty intense movie and very graphic.  I was doing ok through it, looking away when I was uncomfortable or grossed out, but overall doing fine.  Then, out of nowhere, there was a scene where Blake Lively’s character spits in the face of Benicio Del Toro.  He proceeds to wipe the spit off his face and LICKS IT off his hand.  The whole movie theater is dead silent and I totally GAGGED out load.  People laughed.  I was embarrassed, but all my friends know that I am super sensitive to spitting, puking, etc.  They of course razzed me afterwards, but I’m ok with it because it was really gross. REALLY gross!


Faith said...

Oh gosh! I would have gagged too! Sooo disgusting!

Those pins are hilarious!

I think I'm the only one on the planet not addicted to Pinterest :)

Unknown said...

Those E cards are the best things in the world!! I love that they're all over facebook, because i can't go on pintrest on my cell phone! They are so funny and make me laugh daily!!

There are a lot of new ones I haven't seen here!! thanks girl friend!! :)

Nicole said...

I giggled at a few of these. that first one is kinda scary though!