July 23, 2012

Around Here

I haven’t been around the blog much this past week.  I have been trying to read and keep up with you all, but have been failing at getting any posts written. 

To catch you up let’s review:

Elvisfest 2012 – Saturday, July 14th.  As you can see – we had a great time hanging out, meeting the Tribute Artists and eating BBQ pork.  All us girls got Elvis tattoos (fake of course!).



I also attempted my first no-sew DIY tank top, copying my shirt from the Toby Keith concert. I found a clearance top at Old navy ($4) and grabbed my scissors.  I cut off the arms, neckline, bottom hem and trimmed the back to form the right “Y” in the back.  I think it turned out pretty good.

Elvisfest DIY

The week also held Colton’s final week of Little League.  I am extremely proud that Colton was 1 of 3 (plus we had 1 alternate) on his team (the Giants) appointed to the All-Star Team.  Although we lost the All-Star Game (it was at least close), we had a great day to end the season.  The game started at noon and ended around 2pm.  I totally forgot to put on sunscreen – and am not happy to report I have the worst farmer’s tan on my arms, and a line on my legs where my capris ended!  I have to give props to my girl Ashley – she happened to wear her sun visor from her softball outfit.  I had to beg her to give it up, as I was facing the sun the entire time and couldn’t see a thing.  Thankfully, the visor shielded my face and that remained burn-free.  I owe her – big time. 



Ash and I played around with my new nail stamper this week. She loved just having a little design done.  I tried a few of the larger designs on my own nails, but I will have to practice quite a bit more to be good at it.  I can’t imagine doing all 10 nails either.  WAY too time consuming and frustrating. 


The kids kept me busy playing Uno and Trouble – 2 of their favorite games.  Of course they love to antagonize each other, which sometimes leads to us having to stop playing, but overall we’ve had fun. 


And of course I’m still addicted to Dice with Buddies and Jewels with Buddies – you can invite me to play – GurleeGirrl:


Well, I guess that catches us up on my doings lately. Now it’s your turn, fill me in on what you’ve been doing!


Nicole said...

I'm trying to picture your no-sew shirt and I'm sorta getting it but really not.

Unknown said...

OH MY WORD. An Elvisfest?! ahh that sounds so cool!! I love Elvis. I want to visit Graceland after my graduation. Looks like a blast :)

Faith said...

My mother in law would go crazy for a Elvisfest!!! So fun!

Looks like you've been busy having fun! Loving your pictures!

Angie said...

Elvisfest looks like a blast & I love the fake tattos!

Uno is my fave game. Anika plays with me some but not often. We used to host big Uno games at our house and play till the wee hours of the night.

BTW- Your hair is adorable in these pics.

Have a good week my friend!

Laura said...

I love the tattoo! It looks like you had a great time. The shirt came out great! I still have my deck of UNO cards in the drawer. My favorite! Have a great week!

GTuck said...

You're not embarrassed by that 47% win percentage on Dice with Buddies?