June 19, 2012

When You Are A Mom

Sometimes, you go to work all day. 

You leave work and the weather is sweltering.


And you want to go home and have this as your view:


But instead, you go and sit outside, in this crazy awesome heat, watching this cutie pie:

cole bball

And you’ll be loving it!



Cindy said...

Oh my gosh...we have played tournament ball into July...you're a trooper, I know how it feels!

Ashley said...

aww haha this was a good post! i totally always want to go to the pool after work but i think i'd give it up if i had a little cutie to watch too!

Faith said...

Hehe, good mama! I can't wait for the day I do this :)

And the next two days we are in the 90s. Going to be in miserable city.

Angie said...

The weather has been sweltering here too. I can't imagine having to sit outdoors at a ballgame but I can definitely see how the cutie makes it all worth it :)

Nicole said...

ah, the things you have to do... lol. Did you at least jump in the pool once the game was over?!?!