June 12, 2012

Playing Hooky

I played hooky yesterday!  Well, technically it was planned, but it still felt great!
Ash’s class took a trip to Greenfield Village yesterday and my girl was excited to have me tag along.  .
I dropped Ash at school at 8:00am and headed over to the Village to wait for the buses.  Unfortunately, I drive fast and arrived and parked by 8:30ish.  The buses were scheduled to arrive at 9:15am.  So I had some time to kill.  I couldn’t remember if I had actually bought my ticket ahead of time, so I went to the ticket counter and bought another one just in case.  That was $29 I didn’t need to spend – because when they arrived – low and behold I had already bought my ticket!!! Oh well, the ticket will get used eventually!
Upon their arrival I was given my “packet” which consisted of the tickets, a note specifying departure time and rules, and a map of the Village with the must see “points of interest” highlighted.  You were then on your own for the rest of the day.
Map 2007 001
Ash, Abby and I took off and although it was sprinkling outside – we had an awesome time.  We wandered the Village from 9:30 to 12:30 and hit all the spots recommended, had a quick brown-bag lunch and even had time to take a tour via train. 
Around 12:45 we headed to the gift shop because the girls wanted to make sure we had ample time for them to shop!  I bought them some rock candy suckers (which were a favorite of mine as a child) and even bought myself and my mom so Hobo Bread.  If you’ve never had Hobo Bread – do yourself a favor and do so!  It’s fantastic and it’s so hard for me to not eat the entire loaf in one day. 
We met up with the rest of her class around 1:10 and I took a few pictures in front of the fountain.
and even one of us!
I loved hanging out with them and listening to them chat and just being silly girls. It won’t be too long before Ash will not want me spending time with her and her friends, so until then, I’ll soak up every single moment I can!
They boarded the bus and I headed to her school to wait for the buses so I could sign her out (at her request and the school’s approval) and we went home and watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie (um yeah it was bad). 
We ended our day at Colton’s baseball game, and again my boy made me proud!  Check him out in action below – just make sure your volume is turned down – because I am really really loud cheering him on!
Mom cheering her boy on!
Do you ever play hooky?  What are your favorite things to do when you do?

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GTuck said...

Thank you for sharing some Hobo Bread with me, I thought we talked about vertical videos already?