June 22, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Well I made it through another wonderful week!  Life has been good and I’m trying to soak up as much as I can every single day!

I’m linking up with Vicki and Tara again for another edition of:

Nail Files

Since I’m still loving everything neon, I chose another awesome color this week:


I absolutely L-O-V-E this color and the new mini-bottle of OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat seems to be the bomb too.  I’ll be looking for a full size of it to use regularly. 

Now, on to some Friday randomness:

  • This past Sunday, I was looking out our bathroom window and spotted this big guy:


I guess it’s a falcon and let me tell you – he was HUGE.  As we were staring at each other, he decided to leave me a “souvenir” of his visit all over my roof.  EWWWWWW is all I can say.  It wasn’t pretty.

  • My poor girl Jenny Jenny.  She is totally accident prone.  Just a few weeks ago she injured her ankle trying out some wicked dance moves on wet grass – damn I wish I had video of it.  But this week she injured herself golfing!!! She was a little to close to the cart path when she went to hit her ball – it bounced back, hit her on the arm and it bruised immediately. Jenny Jenny please try to be more careful my friend.  On the upside she totally makes me look graceful.


  • Wondering if anyone else out there is watching the new Dallas on TNT?  I watched the pilot and half of the second episode.  Acting seems HORRIBLE, almost LOL bad, but I think I’m going to keep watching.  Me watching might be the “Kiss of Death” for it because most shows I like, get cancelled.  Sorry Dallas.


  • Ok, you all might laugh and poke fun, but I went to see Rock of Ages this week.  I wasn’t excited about it, I wasn’t expecting much out of it, but let me tell you – I actually LOVED it.  It was everything I figured it was going to be, dumb, funny, over-the-top, tongue-in-earcheek  - 2 hours of pure non-thinking entertainment!  I laughed A LOT.  The music was awesome.  It took me right back to junior high (1987). Every song was one I remember singing along too.  And Tom Cruise – who I normally can’t stand – was HOTTTTTTT.  Seriously.  My 14-yr. old self totally took over and had me looking at him all dreamy-eyed.  You should go and see it.  For realz.

Stacee Jaxx

  • Kate Spade is having an online sale.  I would like one of everything please.  If somebody can make that happen, I ‘d appreciate it.  However, if I could only pick one or two things I’d want:

Hold Court Quinn,jpgIrving Place Little NadineArmadillo HandbagLounge Ladies HarmonyPlay HookyKarolina

Well my friends, I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!  Peace out!


Unknown said...

Fun story - so I'm going through your post, looking at your nails and reading about your week and then stopped when you mentioned the Kate Spade sale. Two and a half years ago, I moved to the edge of the world (read: east coast of Canada) and haven't been able to get my fix of Kate Spade stuff since. I fell in love with that astro-turf purse so, although I know they don't ship to Canada, I clicked on your link. Lo and behold, Canada appeared on the shipping list!!!

SO...THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting about the sale because without it, I never would have found out that they changed their shipping policies!! Or about the sale (talk about a great selection!). In 4 - 8 days, I can expect my order (which, err...includes the astro-turf purse...sorry - haha!!) and I'm so excited that I kind of want to run around in a circle.

Back to the nails (haha): I love the neon pink! And tell your pal Jenny Jenny that it must be something with the name, as I am constantly covered in random bruises. ;)

Nicole said...

last night I was surfing around Facebook and saw one of my friends mentioning something about Dallas but wasn't sure what she was talking about. Interesting!

And until you said that was a pic of Tom Cruise, I didn't have a clue... it didn't look like him at all! Once you said it though, I could see it... LOL :) Oh and I read someone else's post on Rock of Ages and they said something about thinking Tom Cruise was gay. I don't believe it but it did catch me up for a minute. I'm not a huge Tom fan but still, I don't believe that... LOL :) Just had to share, sorry.

Jami said...

Love that color! I really like China Glaze polish, it holds up really well. Gotta try that OPI Rapid Dry, I've heard great things.

I haven't seen Rock of Ages, I'll probably wait until I can rent it - but isn't it nice to just go to a movie, not think too much and just be entertained?! Tom does look pretty dreamy though.

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Oh that color is just so pretty!!!

Kimberlee said...

Pretty! China Glaze has great neon colors :)

tara said...

china glaze has the best colors! love it!

Les said...

Obsessed with that color! Now I'm torn between that one and Flip Flop Fantasy! Oh the choices.... :)

Laura said...

I LOVE that nail color! I want to see the Rock of Ages too I heard it was really good. Let me know if you cant find the rapid dry I can get if for you.

Faith said...

That nail color is so fabulous! Love it!

And now I really want to go and see that movie! And I didn't think that anyone would describe Tim Cruise as hot again, hehe.

Now I need to check out the sale! :)

Unknown said...

My top coat just ran out so I'm going to have to give that one a try! It's so hard to find a good top coat that dries fast and doesn't bubble.