June 6, 2012

2012 Summer Bucket List

I see bucket lists all over blogland.  Most are Life Bucket Lists or the 30 Before 30.  I always think how cool these lists are - but I've never been a list kinda girl. 

Lately, I've seen a few Summer Bucket Lists around and thought it would be a neat idea to create my own. It took some thinking, but I came up with 50 fun  kid-friendly items: 
  • Go Bowling
  • Fly Kites
  • Read Family Book
  • Make Popcorn (air popped)
  • Make Ice Cream Sundaes
  • Water Balloon Fight
  • Trip to Zoo
  • Trip to Beach
  • Build a Sand Castle
  • Go Fishing
  • Visit Farmer’s Market
  • Visit Kensington’s Farm
  • Go to Drive In
  • Make Tie Dyed Shirts
  • DIY Mani/Pedi
  • Make S’mores
  • Schedule 5 Play Dates
  • Scrapbook
  • Go on Nature Hike
  • Make Kool-Aid Pops
  • Bake a Cake
  • Make 5 New Recipes
  • Play a Board Game
  • Play Cards
  • Play Catch
  • Crazy Socks Day
  • Make Hand Print Art
  • Watch Fireworks
  • Go Canoeing
  • Play Mini Golf
  • Go to Outdoor Concert
  • Take a Nap in the Shade
  • Go on a Picnic
  • Do a Puzzle & Have it Framed
  • Go to the DIA
  • Run Through Sprinkler
  • Mis-Matched Outfit Day
  • Paint Pictures for Wall
  • Go to a Movie
  • Visit the Library
  • Have a Dance Party
  • Write & Mail a Letter
  • Go on Bike Ride
  • Go for a Walk around a Different Neighborhood
  • Do Jumping Jacks
  • Hula Hoop Competition
  • Jog Around the Block
  • Hand Make Cards & Send
  • Movie-Night at Home 
  • Do MANY Random Acts of Kindness

Now I know my kids are gonna get a hold of this list and demand that we do every "fun" item all on Saturday of this week, eliminating more than half of them at one time.  That's not gonna happen. 

I plan on stretching the list out over the summer, in hopes that each activity becomes a special memory or event to them that we can talk about for many years to come.  If it's a hit, I will create a Summer Bucket List each year for us, or at least until they don't want me to (which I pray is a VERY VERY VERY LOOOOONNNNNGGGG TIME!!). 

Have you done a Bucket List before for you or your kids?  Did I leave off any must-do activity? 

I might even make myself a Challenge Bucket List with items that I normally wouldn't do like zip lining!  If you have any ideas for that - CHALLENGE ME!


Faith said...

Is it bad that my favorite part of your list is the food? Now I want smores and ice cream sundaes.

I haven't made a list. I never do but this kinda makes me want to.

Laura said...

That is a great idea! Good luck holding the kids off. I know the feeling. Fun ideas!