June 29, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Oh Friday, one (actually 3rd) of my favorite days of the week!  Waiting for the weekend to officially begin is torture, but talking about some of my favorite things helps, like my nails.  This week I picked Your Web or Mine? from the Spiderman OPI collection

spiderman polish

Then later this week when I had a few extra minutes in the morning before work, which happens NEVER, I messed around with my new Migi Nail Art pens and did this:


It was pretty simple to accomplish and I really like it.  I for sure will be experimenting more with these babies.  Now go check out some other Nail Files.

Now on to some randomness (via Friday Letters):

Dear Pitching Machine: I was just trying to be a good momma and play some baseball with my boy, so why did you hit me not only once but TWICE, that shizz hurt.  A LOT.  We will not be playing with each other again. 


Dear Greek Pasta Salad:  You are not only beautiful, you taste amazing and even after filling up on you, you still look full.  Thank you.


Dear Red Wine:  I am very happy that I have learned to drink you with a little Sprite, therefore, I can sip you all night long and not get a wine-headache in the morning.  (thank you Jenny Jenny, you ARE a genius)


Dear Magic Mike:  Two hours of male hotties stripping?  I’m in.  I’ll see you tomorrow, consider it a date.


Dear Toby Keith:  My posse and I will be raising hell with you tonight.  It could get crazy. Just a friendly warning.


Dear Find & Follow Blog Hop:  I’ve already checked you out found some new blogs and am happily making new friends.  I hope when I check you again tomorrow, there are many more links!


Dear G-Tuck:  I’m very happy you had a good first week at your new job.  See, sometimes change is good!   And just wait till you get that first paycheck.  You can thank me then too.


I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I’m off to get a little crazy tonight! 


Unknown said...

that wine and salad look so good!


Nicole said...

first off... OUCH! Secondly, you can find me a new job now too. I could use a better pay check :)

Franziska said...

that lady bug nail is so cute! I need to invest in some of those pens now :D

Laura said...

That is a great nail color! You did such a good job on the design. I am going to steal your wine trick!! Thank you! Yeah on the job!!

tara said...

i love that nail polish and i cannot wait for magic mike!!

Angie said...

Love that nail art you did! My hand would never be steady enough to do that. I do well to paint my nails!

Remind me to NEVER go play with a pitching machine. Geeze oh pete, that looks like it hurt. Hope it's feeling better.

You gotta let me know how Magic Mike is. It looks so yummy :)

Have a great weekend friend!!!

Cindy said...

Can't wait to hear about the movie and concert! That pitching machine was nasty! Now I know why I only watch! Fun post!!

Kimberlee said...


Love your ladybug nail art :)

Holly said...

Glad i'm not the only one who drinks red wine with sprite!!

Have you ever tried the konad nail stamps? I have them and they are pretty awesome.