June 1, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Wow! Has it really been a whole week since the last time I actually chatted with you all here?! The week flew by - short work weeks are the bomb!

Since it's Friday, I am linking up with Vicki and Tara for this weeks:

After having such a light color on all week, I grabbed a darker and less-summery color for this week:

China Glaze - Hook and Line
Now on to some Friday randomness:

  • I had the BEST time camping this past weekend.  We went hiking, boating, fishing, swimming, shopping and just sat around RELAXING!  It was just what this momma needed.
  • Men In Black 3 was our movie choice this week.  I don't remember too much of MIB or MIB 2 - but I will say that this had a pretty good storyline.  I enjoyed Josh Brolin as a young Agent K.  I even shed a tear or two!  If you enjoyed the other MIB movies - you will thoroughly enjoy this one.
  • Nicole had a link to this reading test.  I scored 515 words/min, which makes me 106% faster than the national average.  Just call me speedy.

  • Not sure what I find funnier - the fact that the Biebs got into a fight with the paparazzi and lost his shoe

    or his video for Boyfriend.  Love the song - but seeing him trying to be a "lover" is killing me.  Sorry Biebs.

  • I am super excited that Colton's baseball season kicked off this week.  They are all 1st & 2nd graders and shockingly they are pretty good! They ended up tieing their first game.  My boy got a solid hit too, which earned him a double!! Proud momma right here! 

Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!


Cindy said...

Love that nail polish color! I think I'm going to try the reading test!

Nicole said...

He lost his shoe? That's great! And I actually didn't think MIB3 would be very good, but sounds like it actually might be. I liked the first, the second was a bit far fetched, but not bad...

Kimberlee said...

Ooh great metallic color!

Laura said...

I really love that color! Could Colton be any cuter? Have a great weekend!

tara said...

oh wow, i LOVE that nail polish!!

Faith said...

That is a great nail color!

Hehe, about Justin getting in a fight with the paparazzi, too funny!

I want to see MIB III, thanks for the review!

Monica said...

Hey Speedy love the nail polish color!! :>)I agree with the song Boyfriend being awesome and the video being lame!

Janie said...

That's one of the only Capitol Colours that I didn't get, but I should have! Love it :)