January 4, 2013

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Here's to the short work week! Although getting back into the swing of things is rough, I now will have the whole weekend to recoup.

This week, I had two different manis. One for News Years:

NYE Nails.

And after the New Year I was looking to find a pretty, wintery color, and this is what I came up with:

Live & LetDie

In case you can’t tell, it is a rich, green color with some shimmery sparkle.  I love it!  My nails are in really bad shape, but I think a darker color is actually complimentary.  I’m really looking to find a good nail hardener.  My nails are trashed right now.  All suggestions are appreciated!!

Now on to some Friday randomness:

  • For NYE I bought a few different items and in the end with some varied patterns/prints.  What do you think?

NYE Outfit

  • Staying on fashion, since we all know how “un-fashionable” I tend to be, while out shopping for a NYE outfit, I was DRAWN to these pair of jeggings.  It dawned on me today (while wearing them), why I love them so much.  Back in the 80’s I went through a phase where I loved plaid – in particular a print my mom used to call Scotty Dog Plaid.  These pants totally take me back!

scottty dog plaid

  • Speaking of my mom..On Christmas she came over wearing a new, pretty pendant, which I immediately noticed.  It was a four-sided rectangle, and hers was gold.  I commented how much I like it, and wouldn’t you know, yesterday she came over and gave me my very own, in white gold of course!  She also brought me two new RED lipsticks to try out.  She really is the best.


  • A lastly, and most important, while I was volunteering at Cole’s holiday party, his class was making cut-out snowflakes as the craft of the day.  They were instructed to make two.  One snowflake would be used to decorate the hallways at his school, the second would be mailed to create a “winter wonderland” at the new school for the Sandy Hook students.  Schools (as well as individuals) from all across the nation participated, and as of today, they are no longer taking donations.  The kids were so excited to be sending something so simple that will surely mean so much to the kids and community.


snowflake 2

With that little bit of love, I hope you all have a wonderful, safe weekend!


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♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I love both of those manicures! I envy your painting capabilities!

Kimberlee said...

Both are fabulous! I had a dark green color on my nails as well.

Rejuvacote is what I swear by! It saved my nails. Apply a coat every day. But your nails could be brittle for several reasons: not moisturized, not enough nutrients, painting them too much, not painting them enough. Hopefully they shape up again :)

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

I love both colors. My friend made some snowflakes for the new school. It's so hard because my daughter is 5 & doesn't know anything about it (I'm trying to keep it that way because I know she would be scared to go to school), so I haven't done anything crafty with her about it. But she is a Daisy & I heard that 8 of the girls were Daisies, so they are having the girls write notes to the girls that are left. So I'd like to do that & just tell her that they are going to write a note to a different Daisy troop.

Angie said...

The snowflake project was such a wonderful idea!

tara said...

ohh live and let die is fabulous!! love it!

Nicole said...

So on Dr. Oz, they recommended getting a clear coat, you put a couple minced garlic pieces in it and let it set for 10 days. Then you apply it daily like you would any other nail hardener. they said that it makes your nails as thick as if you had acrylics. And it doesn't smell. I've made it up, I just don't remember to ever put it on my nails.

jennie said...

I freaking LOVE your NYE mani!! It's sooooooo pretty!!