January 11, 2013

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

What a looooonnnnnggggg week it as been.  I guess getting back into the swing of things is taking some time.  I like short work weeks.  These regular ones are for the birds.

This week me and Jenny Jenny had a nail-polish swap.  She picked out 4 colors from my collection and in return I got to take 4 from hers.  I’m a bold and bright kinda girl and she is a dark and neutral kinda girl.  I’m happy to be trying some different colors that I normally wouldn’t try.

polish swap

Of the new polishes, I picked this as my first, solely based on it’s name - OPI Chicago Champagne Toast.  One of my favorite bands (who coincidentally is from Chicago)  AM Taxi has a song called Champagne Toast which is a fave of mine.  Lucky for me, the color is awesome.  I’ve worn it ALL week, which is super rare for me.  Sometimes I think everything else about me is pretty over-the-top, so every now and then, I’m drawn to something soft, pretty and girly.  That’s this color:

Nails 1-10

What do you think?  Are you drawn to a certain color?  Are you into cheery bright, bold darks, neutrals, sparkles or matte?

Some Friday Randomness:

  • Super stoked that Shameless will begin their season 3 on Sunday.  I’ve missed that effed up Gallagher family so much. 


  • I’m not a teeny-bopper nor am I even close to being in my 20’s, but I am a girl (at heart) and when I heard this song by One Direction, I melted.  Simon Cowell you are a GENIUS – picking this song for these boys.  The young girls (and this old one) is totally swooning over this song.
  • The kids’ winter sports session started this week.  That means we will have volleyball/basketball filled Saturdays again for awhile.  The break was nice, but I’m looking forward to seeing them have some fun again.
  • Colton’s birthday is next month, and I need to start planning his birthday party.  I think I have him talked into having a bowling party (he had one 2 years ago).  They are easy, fairly cheap and the kids enjoy it.  Having a not-at-home party takes away a ton of work for me, so I pray he sticks with the plan.
  • Taking Colton to Bingo night at school tonight.  He has been talking about it for days.  He knows how much this momma loves bingo.  I hope he wins something – he will be overjoyed.
  • I was extremely bummed this morning when I reach for my favorite coffee flavor this morning and it was empty:

Coconut Mocha

So instead I grabbed one of these:


Yummmmy – nice change of pace.

  • Planning on seeing Zero Dark Thirty this weekend.  It’s received great reviews, so I hope it doesn’t disappoint.
  • ZD30
  • The weather here in Michigan is forecasted to reach a high of 55 degrees tomorrow, which means, I will find a way to spend some time outside too!
  • With that friends, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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    Debbie said...

    I am SO EXCITED for Shameless on Sunday! I love that crazy family.

    I am also not a girl in my 20's but I love that One Direction song so much. I downloaded the VIDEO on my phone. I did. And I have watched it many times. Harry's voice - wow! My 12 year old tested me and I knew every one of thier names. I am not ashamed. :)

    I'm going to see Silver Linings Playbook tomorrow night. SO excited to finally get to see it!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Cindy said...

    Love the 1D video... My oldest is sooooooo gaga over them and I have to admit to liking most of the music, too! TGIF!

    tara said...

    i LOVE me some one direction!! no shame! lol. and that nail polish is gorgeous!

    Angie said...

    I really like that color. I'm usually drawn to bolder and brighter colors but that is very pretty!!

    Good luck at Bingo tonight. I hope he wins something too.

    Our temps are supposed to be near 80 tomorrow. If it doesn't rain it's going to be so nice!!!

    Have an awesome weekend friend

    jennie said...

    A swap is such a good idea! A way to try new colours without actually buying them--genius!! And although I don't like EVERY OD song, there are a few in my playlists. Haha!!

    Faith said...

    I just heard of the show Shameless and it's on its 3rd season!

    I love that nail color! It's gorgeous! I love that y'all swapped nail polishes!

    Kimberlee said...

    That champagne color is pretty!

    P.S. I'm super excited about Shameless too!

    C said...

    Pretty nails!!

    I just saw Zero Dark Thirty today and it was so good. Very intense!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)