December 3, 2012

My GurleeGirrl Weekend

Friday night started out with some yummy Chinese food and rolled right into watching some Parenthood (cue the tears) and some Sons of Anarchy (love me some Jax).  It was a perfect night.

Saturday morning was a normal Saturday for us, which means it was spent at the kids' basketball and volleyball games. 

Here is a a few pics of the little man in action.

Unfortunately, I am the assistant coach of Ashley's team, and I'm normally way too "into" the game, that I fail to take pictures!! This week was another close match - but we remain undefeated.  The girls amazed me by pulling together and really rallying together to secure their win.  We are so proud of them.

After Ash's game we went to Panera and got our normal.  She loves it.

Saturday night was bowling night.  As usual we had a great time, but we lost.  We also had our team photo taken.  What do you think?

Apparently Kev-Boy decided to photo bombed our own photo.  That boy cracks me up.  It was well worth the $8 it cost to buy. 

After bowling we headed over to the Rusty Nail for $3.95 burgers and fries.  I mean, where can you get a real burger loaded and fries for $3.95? It was pretty awesome.

Sunday was a LAZY day for sure.  I love not getting in the shower until after 3pm!! That means I got to do some catch-up on my TV shows and some reading. 

Jenny Jenny colored my hair, we celebrated football Sunday and I actually played Call of Duty for the first time this weekend.  I'm not a video game girl at all, and have always detested those shoot-em-up games.  However, I am open-minded, and agreed to give it a try.  Well, wow!!! I got so into it - because I'm so bad at it - and I really see myself sharpening up my shooting skills! LOL  Who knew I'd be so crazy?! 

Watched The Walking Dead (which is now on break through February) and called it a night.  I'm not sure how I feel about the episode, but I pray my Daryl makes it through (I'm betting my life he does).

Now tell me about YOUR weekend!  Did you watch The Walking Dead? Your thoughts?



Sarah said...

the rusty nail?? we have a bar/grill with the same name in our town!!

Ashley said...

you have such a fun family! can i come to panera and bowling next time...oh and burger and fries time too!

you fit so much fun into a weekend....i'm taking notes :)

Angie said...

I was just telling the hubby today that we needed to go bowling. We haven't been in forever!!

Sounds like your weekend pretty much rocked. Hope your week is going just as good :)

Nicole said...

Wow, everyone is talking about Chinese food, now I want some!

GTuck said...

What the heck is on my shirt in the bowling picture? It really bothers me.