December 28, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

The kids (or specifically Colton) came in to wake me up at 8:00am.  I knew that it was killing them waiting for me to get up, so I made myself get up and moving for their sakes.

When I came downstairs this was my view:

After we had the Christmas music on, and video camera in hand, I called the kids down.  They came bustling down the stairs with shouts of "Oh Yeah!" and "Sweet"! 

Obviously Colton seen he got the electric scooter he requested, and Ashley got the Rip Stick she asked for - neither of which were wrapped, since they were big items.

Then the fun began.  Colton tore through his gifts like lightening.  He continues to fill me with holiday magic, because each gift he opens, whether it $1 or $100, he gives the same type of response.

Ashley is a little more slower in her approach.  She watches as her brother tears through his, and open hers, and proceeds to give me a 5 minute speech on why it's great, or what she's going to do with it.  I sometimes have to remind her that we can talk about everything after she's done opening her stuff.

Ashley's Haul:  Rip Stick, Electric Keyboard, clothes from Aero, jeans, sweaters, camis, boots, books, movies, video games, diary, note pads, Duct Tape How Too Book, bean bag chair, ring, iTouch case, electronic bank, glitter tattoo kit, slushy maker, gift cards to Jets Pizza

Colton's Haul: Electric Scooter, too many Beyblades, Beywheelz and arenas/domes for them, Mario Sports Mix, Wii Sports Resort, xbox basketball and football games, 3 Nerf guns, electronic AK-47 gun, clothes, electronic bank, slushy maker, books, gift cards to Jets Pizza

Then it was my turn to open a few gifts.  I got a couple of sweaters, socks, footies, ironing board cover and Ashley made me a few things.  This being my favorite:

It's actually a purse with a beaded handle (made out of duct tape) that has picture frames on both sides, and she put pics of the two of us together in them.  Her little note made it the best gift of all.  I know she is getting older, and soon, we will be butting heads more than agreeing on things, so I am cherishing these times while they last! I love that little lady so much. 

Boo had her turn for presents too: 

Boo got two new Nylabones, a new Kong, 3 different types of bagged/boxed treats, a new collar and new food bowl.  Her new Nylabone was her favorite though!

After we cleaned up the paper mess, it was time to get back to work on the food for the day.  Mark outdid himself on the food this year.  We had turkey and stuffing, ham, meatballs, holiday and fresh sausage, potatoes and gravy, mac n cheese, broccoli cheddar bake, cinnamon apples, sauerkraut, deviled eggs, green bean almondine, Brussels sprouts with bacon and rolls.  And that isn't even including all the appetizers we put out.  To say we had TOO much food, is an understatement.  One thing about it, it was all amazing. 

I didn't get pictures of the desserts, but we had cheesecakes, cookies, cobbler, Better Than Sex Truffle, pumpkin pie, eclairs and cream puffs.  I barely had room for anything.  Thank goodness for day-after leftovers!!

It was a long day, and by the time I made it to bed it must have been midnight! 

My hope is for each and every one of you has a safe and Happy New Year!  Until 2013...... 



Faith said...

Wow! What a great Christmas.

I am so glad to hear that the kiddos loved their gifts :)

You got some sweet ones too!

And the food! Mark really outdid himself! I just want to jump through the screen and have some, hehe.

Glad you had a great Christmas!

Cheers to a Happy New Year.

Laura said...

Those kids of yours are just too adorable! Sounds like you had a great Christmas! The food looks amazing. I think I need the broccoli cheddar bake recipe. Happy New Year!

Angie said...

Your kids are as spoiled as mine!!! Tell Ash that I think her present to you was the coolest present in the whole wide world. I know that it must have brought a smile to your face like no other.

Next year I'm coming to your house for Christmas. That is some of the best looking food I've EVER saw!

You all have a safe and happy New Years Friend!

Ashley said...

Christmas with kids is so fun! i love that Ashley gives you a speech on how she will use all her gifts - too cute!