December 7, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Oh my what a week!  Don't worry - I didn't get arrested or anything, just been very busy the past few days!  I will get a recap of my night out with my Seester done soon.  But, since it's Friday, you know the drill:

L-O-V-E the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polish.  I wouldn't do a whole hand of it, but as an accent, it's pretty awesome.  I've had it for months, and have never used it.  I see myself using it again.  Great color.  As for the L.A. Colors, I have no idea what it's called, there is no name on the bottle, but I liked that it was dark without being black.  It was a perfect color for the week.

Now on to some Friday randomness:
  • This week work has been cray-cray.  SUPER busy and I guess that should be a good thing.  Looking forward to starting my weekend.
  • When I picked my Seester up on Thursday, I got to meet the newest addition to their family.  His name is Gus.  He stole my heart.  Oh goodness was he cute.

  • My awesome mother gave me some holiday soap.  I normally hit Bath & Body every so often and stockpile some good smelling soap.  I didn't have any Christmas scents, and she brought one over to me.  I love it.  Smells good enough to eat.

  • While going through the Avon book, I seen these leopard nails.  They look easy enough to try, so you might be seeing something like this soon.  Probably will only be an accent nail, but it's a start.

  • Last night I had to take Ash shopping for a birthday party she's going to tonight.  While out she happened to mention that today is going to be "Spirit Day" at school.  Normally that means they were Green & White (school colors), but instead it is "Mustache Day".  Say what?  So I heard how she would just die without wearing something with a mustache on it.  Well I did not feel like running all over town, so I told her if Kohls or Target didn't have it - then she was just going to have to die.  Well, we found a couple mustache bracelets at Kohls and a Christmas tee (which she can wear again) that has a big mustache on it.  Mom did good.  I even had a few mustaches left over from Colton's Mario Birthday Party.  Although she isn't smiling, the kid was ecstatic.  LOL

  • I consider myself a bright person, but sometimes my brain just doesn't work.  Take for example my new sign I bought for my desk.  At the store, I swore it said Ho Ho Ho.  I put it out on my shelf, and people kept making comments to me, saying "Oh Oh Oh".  Yeah, I put it up backwards! I'm slow sometimes.  It was like that for 2 weeks before I noticed and understood that everyone was making fun of me.  Nice.

With that, I'm signing out - have a fantastic weekend! 



jennie said...

CUTEST PUPPY EVER! And I love your mani, too! An awesome but unexpected combo! I just love that!! :)

tara said...

omg that glitter nail polish is amazing!!!

Faith said...

Your nails look amazing, as always!!

I love the tee you bought Ashley, it's so cute!

And your co-workers are too much making fun of you! Can't believe they didn't say anything for 2 weeks!!

I hope you have a great weekend!!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

lol - I had to look hard to see the difference in the sign so I'm right there with you :-)

Angie said...

LOVE that Sally Hansen polish! It's adorable :)

Ash looks so serious in that pic. Put a mustache on a girl and it makes her serious LOL

Oh Oh Oh- You had me cracking up

Hope your weekend has been a great one!!!!

Unknown said...

I've been wondering about that gem polish, so I'm glad to hear it's good. I may have to give it a try for the holidays! I love the Mario 'stache, too. Her expression in priceless!

Janie said...

That gem crush is AWESOME!