December 5, 2012

Me & My Seester

Tonight I get to do something that I don't get to do very often......go out ALONE with my Seester. 

Yes, we see each other, but we are normally surrounded by her 4 and my 2 kids, as well as family, friends, etc.  Tonight - it will just be us ... and this guy:

We are going to see Daughtry/3 Doors Down/POD.  Apparently my baby-Seester likes this guy (and maybe his band??), so being the awesome Big Seester, I have agreed to accompany her.  I can't say I'll be babysitting her, because in all actuality, she is the more responsible one!  
After all it is Wednesday, which has never been a party night in my world, like Taco Tuesday or Bowling Thursday, so I imagine I'll be able to control myself.  Unless  I come up with a good Wednesday name like Wine Wednesday? Yes, that just might work.
So tomorrow's post can go one of two ways:
I give you a recap of our "crazy" night which includes dinner, a drink or two, a run-down of the best songs and a nice picture of the two of us in our finery.   Like So:
I give you a recap of our "insane" night which includes me skipping dinner, substituting it for glass after glass of wine, me sweet talking our way to better seats and then after a few more glasses of wine, I'll convince her that we need to stalk the side of the building were the buses are parked (where I have met SEVERAL bands), so that she can finally meet and drool over Chris Daughtry, like Big Seester did so she could meet Jordan Knight (although Joey is her #1). 
Like I said, her being all responsible and all, I imagine scenario One winning out.....but stay tuned!


Faith said...

hahaha, you are too cute! kinda hoping you have #2 scenario as a blog post tomorrow!

and i love the idea of a Wine Wednesday! hmmm, i think i should do a Wine Wednesday.

you look super cute in your pictures. nothing safe about your outfits in them :)

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I love you! So glad that you and your "seester" get to go out and have fun tonight! What's the fun in behaving anyways though? Misbehaving = good blog material! HEHEHEHEHEHE

Nicole said...

hehe you crack me up :)

Unknown said...

I love Daughtry! How fun :)

Julie said...

I hope you had an awesome night out with your seester! Can't wait to hear all about it!