October 5, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

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These week was another “dark” week and it may be my favorite “dark” of all.  It looks brown, black and has a hint of red to it. 

nails 10-5

Now on to some Friday randomness:

  • Today feels like fall.  It’s looked like fall for awhile – but today it has that crispness in the air – so I was more than happy to pull out a sweater, jeggings and boots.  I feel so cozy.  I’m also loving this sweater from Princess Vera Wang – the neon yellow reeled me in.

outfit 10-5

  • I’m always a little torn during this time of year – during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  For one, I think it’s awesome to bring awareness and to raise money to eliminate this horrible disease, as I hope and pray every single day that my daughter (or sister, or friend or anyone) never has to deal with what I had too, but seeing pink ribbons everywhere makes me think about my cancer, and then the fear pops up, and I start “Google-ing” statistics and I drive myself crazy.  However, in just two short months, I will be celebrating my 3-year cancer-versary.  So suck on that cancer.

EFF Cancer

  • Speaking of Breast Cancer Awareness – I saw these polishes in the paper and I  must find them!


  • What is it with companies using 80’s icons in their advertising lately?  Like maybe in 1988 I’d have wanted my man to smell like Jon Bon Jovi, but today – ummmm not so much.  And Don Johnson? The 24-year old mail guy at work didn’t even know who he was – even after I said Sonny Crocket from Miami Vice – still nothing.  Wouldn’t 20somthings be the “hangover cures” target audience? 


  • I was super excited to get my new iPhone 5 and had dreams of filling it to capacity with my music collection.  Guess how many songs have been transferred over since I got it a couple weeks ago?  ZERO    Hopefully this weekend I can work on that.
  • I am super excited that I won a blog re-design from Crystal’s giveaway.  I haven’t been able to decide exactly what I want, but I’m going to work on that too this weekend.  I’m thinking of a pink/black/grey color palate.  Any recommendations?
  • Who doesn’t love jewelry?  If you do, Brittany is hosting a Stella & Dot online trunk show.  You can check it out here.  There are so many awesome pieces – how can I choose?
  • Mallory has rocked my socks off with her “Detroit Tigers” inspired eye make-up!! Looking good! And her nails – check those out too!  GO TIGERS!!!
    tiger 2
  • I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, and I’m really loving the current one – Reason to Breathe.  It’s about a girl living with her uncle and aunt and is being physically abused by the aunt.  Parts have been hard to read (the abuse), but it’s been an eye opener.  As you can see, I’m almost done with it – so any recommendations for my next read?Need to Breathe

With that – I hope everyone has a fantastic, safe weekend!!


♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Love the nail color! That is seriously a must have. Now if I can just find the time to do it. If you saw from my post I did have to color my hair yesterday morning at 4am... LOL PS I just wanna give you a big squeeze. Breast cancer awareness has always been a big part of my life, especially since my Gran had it AND BEAT IT!!! Since them I have dealt with it so close to home with so many people I know. I am actually doing the Susan Komen Walk for the Cure on Sunday the 14th. I have done it every.single.year. since Gran got diagnosed. This year our name is Boobie Babes "We mustache you a question, will you save a life today?" haha This year I am walking in honor of you sweet girl! Prayers for you... hang in there ;)

Debbie said...

I've been reading some good books lately. Have you read:

On The Island - by Tracy Garvis Graves

On Dublin Street (this was Hot & Spicy!!) by Samantha Young

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Slammed (this may be YA - but I REALLY liked it and its sequel) by Colleen Hoover

I've read a bunch of others too. I haven't been sticking to one genre lately. I've read some good paranormal (Death, Aliens & Guardian Angels) - not all one book- though. :)

Have fun!

tara said...

what a beautiful color! hope you have a great weekend!

Elle Sees said...

i want that polish too! i had to follow you since i'm a captain and diet coke drinker too!

Laura said...

LOVE that color. I will keep an eye out if I see those Orly colors. Yeah on the 3 years!!
Cant wait to see your new design!
Have a great weekend!

Kimberlee said...

Gorgeous nail polish color - can't wait for fall colors on my nails :)

momto8blog said...

lovely nails...I am slowly moving on past my pale pink...
our book club is reading The Glass castle....loving it.
everyone of us, which is a feat!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
congrats on 3 yrs...lots more to come.

Vicki said...

Love the nail color!

Monica said...

Awesome on the three years Heather! And I am truly thinking of you. I love the fun elements that you brought to this post..like the great fall nail color and fun trendy sweater. I'm glad that you shared it all here...and so glad that you kicked C's butt. Sending love. Monica