October 29, 2012

All I Have Left


The casino trip was not a financial success.  I’m lucky I  still have those (2) $5 chips left! I don’t know if it was bad luck or just no luck, but it was bad.  Real bad. 

On the upside, I got to eat a pretty fantastic prime rib dinner, with crab corn chowder and got to drink $0.50 wine all night! 

chowder and rib

I apparently I was starving and didn’t take a photo before devouring it.  Ooops

All in all I had a fantastic time spending some time with good friends, eating good food and drinking cheap wine!


Nicole said...

that soup looks yummy!

Faith said...

That's my luck too!! Boo!

Giving you luck for your trip to Vegas :)

Meg said...

I live relatively close to Little River and never leave a winner. I'm hoping my luck changes when I go for my birthday, but I'm not holding my breath.