October 18, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

Having this little lovebug read to me.

cole read

Seeing this beautiful sunrise on my way to work this morning.


Totally regretting not buying a sparkly pair of boots, and then going back one week later and getting them on clearance!  SCORE

boots clearance

When my clearance boots match my sparkly sweater perfectly.

polka dot pants

Having 2Booli for lunch – and did I mention it was free – thank you Chrissy!!


Jenny Jenny spoiling me with hair products & nail polishes for my bday.  Thanks Jenny Jenny!

Jenny bday me

Having so many of my family and friends (IRL and Bloggy) wish me a happy birthday!  It’s been a great one!


Nicole said...

It was just meant to be for you to have those boots

Sarah said...

happy birthday!! hope you had a great day!!