December 7, 2011

Sea World - It Was A Splash!

Arrived in Florida to a balmy 75 degrees on Saturday.  And each day since, has only gotten better.  We spent the first day of our trip acclimating to the house and doing a little shopping.  Super Targets are the bomb.

On our second day we headed over to Sea World Orlando.  It was awesome!  I haven't been to this park since I was in high school (which we all know was eons ago).  The kids enjoyed feeding stingrays:

Feeding dolphins:

And also fed the Sea Lions (yeah we spent $$$ feeding the animals):

I finally talked my 10-year old daughter into riding Kracken:

It was her first upside down coaster. Grandma had to promise to give her $20, but she overcame her fear and loved it.  I was super proud - because I knew it was so hard for her to finally do it.  She is my Nervous Nelly and I was happy to see her fight through it (even if it was for the money).

Nothing like ending the day with seeing the killer whale show.  Those creatures are beyond magnificent.  Watching them literally made the hair stand up on my arms.  Now for the safety of the trainers, they never get into the water with them.  I think I liked that even better.  The whales are the stars!

I even let them sit in the Splash Zone :)

It was an exciting day.  I'm so glad we got the chance to visit this year!

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GTuck said...

Great pics. I want to see more from your trip.