December 22, 2011

Mickey's Christmas Party

During our annual family vacation to Florida, we always attend at least one night of:

Although I try to take LOTS of pictures, I end up enjoying myself too much and forget to take them, and then rely on other family member to hook me up. 

These were taken with my new camera (which I didn't have a case for) and unfortunately I had a huge smudge on the lens (lower right hand corner) and all my pics came out blurry! UGH

But - you get the gist:

I also have to throw in one from Epcot.  My daughter was posing for another photographer, where she is trying to act like she is holding up Spaceship Earth in her hand - unfortunately, my angle didn't quite capture this:

I'm glad Ash is willing to offer that man a seat ;)

1 comment:

Faith said...

great pictures! looks like such a fun time.

the last one had me laugh out loud. too funny :)