December 28, 2011

Christmas Loot

Christmas shouldn't be about receiving gifts - but who doesn't love getting them!?!?

I got a few - some I picked out - and others were a surprise:

Bowling Shoes

Biking Gloves

Initial Necklace


Urban Decay Makeup Kit

Wen Shampoo

Pop Corn Popper

Magnetic Nail Polish

I also got some cash and gift cards - so I'll be celebrating Christmas for the next few months!

Of course, my happiness comes from the smiles of my kids.  This year Colton was extremely excited - about every gift!  He would do a little happy dance with each reveal :)  Ashley on the other hand wasn't as excited - she didn't get an iPhone or iPad, so she's hoping maybe next year Santa will come through. Keep dreaming kid.

The main gift I got this year is my health! This has been one full year of being cancer free! As long as Santa keeps giving me that, I'll be a happy girl.


Faith said...

your kiddos got some amazing gifts! awww, maybe Santa will come through for her next year {wink, wink}

glad that your health is great this year ... here's to many, many more years of being cancer free :)

Alyssa said...

Congrats on one full year of being cancer free!! How awesome for you!! Love your bowling shoes, by the way! So cute!