November 9, 2011

Movie Tuesday Review

Well for Movie Tuesday we went to see A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

First, let me say this is the third Harold & Kumar movie, but it is the first one I have seen.  Rest assured, I am fairly confident that I did not miss much by not catching the first two!

Obviously I was not expecting an Oscar-worthy movie.  But seriously, this movie is full of unbelievable dumbness.  Ok, I did laugh - but how can you not laugh at just plain ridiculous.   

I did love the cheese ball 3D.  NPH was HI-larious.  His 10 minutes of screen time was great.   Loved all the crazy stereotypes that were offensive as hell.  Loved the vulgar claymation. Hey, even Santa made a cameo!  I walked away from this movie with a smile.  And sometimes that's all this GurleeGirrl wants - to escape from the real world and laugh.  Mission accomplished.

So overall, I'm embarrassed to say it - but I can't give this movie a Shitty rating or even a Not Good rating - I have to give it an Ok (Good), because for $8 it took 1-1/2 hours of my Tuesday and made it pretty darn amusing.

FYI - Rotten Tomatoes gives it a FRESH 76%.  Definitely not kid-friendly and I probably wouldn't recommend it for a first-date movie, unless your both pot-heads - then go for it.

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