May 3, 2013

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

First let me say that spring has FINALLY sprung here around these parts.  We've been enjoying sun and temps near 80's this week.  This girly could not be happier. 

This week I tried 2 different manis:

You all may remember that Libby sent me a "caviar" nail kit as part of our swap.  I was excited to try it out.  I was in a rush when I did it, and it surprisingly was fairly easy.  These little balls go EVERYWHERE.  If you attempt this, pour over a BIG, DEEP bowl.  I used a small, shallow bowl and they bounced out.

The good news, MOST of the balls lasted a good 4 days or so.  I figured they fall off the next day, but they didn't.  I call it a success.

My next one for the week was another quicky:

Basically a neutral nail and my take on some chevron.  It wasn't my best work, but it will get me to the weekend!

I think these polishes have so much potential - I just need to learn how to use them.  I don't have a steady hand at all.  And blobs fall everywhere!  Any tips or tricks when using these to draw STRAIGHT lines? 

Now on to some randomness:

  • I did break down and ordered Ashley her North Face jacket.  The deal is we are giving it to her on "credit", which she will be working off for the next 6 weeks by doing numerous chores around the house.  Part of it is doing them without being nagged and without complaint.  One week down, 5 more to go!
  • I haven't had a baby in the house for about 7 years now, so when I had to go pick up a few outfits for my cousin's new son, I had a hard time remembering exactly what size to buy for him.  I know my kids' sizes never corresponded to their ages.  So without having met this little man (who was born in February), I was clueless.  Hopefully he's a big bugger, because I ended up buying 6M and larger for him. 
  • I bought myself a new iPhone case today at 5 Below.  Yes, now my phone looks like it belongs to a 10 year old.  So what does every 10 year old do?  Takes selfies of course.

  • If you asked Ashley the one thing she has wanted for ages - her answer would be a cell phone.  Well her dreams might be coming true.  My mom had bought herself some sort of Trac phone with pre-loaded minutes on it.  She hasn't been pleased with it (it drops calls, is hard to hear on, etc.), and has offered it up to me for Ash, with the idea I would have to pay for the minutes when they are required.  I'm thinking she has a CHANCE that I will cave and let her get it.  That would mean MORE CHORES for her.  Her wants turning into work getting done at my house is sounding pretty darn good.  I'll keep you guys updated.
  • I received my new purse this week and although I love the print, it's much smaller than I was expecting.  I'm the mom that carriers everything but the kitchen sink, and this purse is full, full, full.  It's a little short, fat purse.

  • Wish me luck that all my hard work this week (i.e., no cheating) on my diet will pay off.  The scale hasn't budged much this week and I've been really working for it.  Come Sunday, I better see some results!
  • And last but not least, I am BEYOND excited to see Iron Man 3 this weekend!!! I love me some RDJ.  You gonna go see it?

Hope your weekend is amazing!



Kari said...

Love that pink nail polish..and that Coach purse!

Cindy said...

Love the purse and the polish and Im secretly happy you are entering the world of kids, expensive thing and how to deal with it all!!?!! ;). (Oh and I've secretly always wanted a blinged out iPhone case so maybe $5 will work!)

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...


tara said...

love the caviar look! i still need to try it!

Unknown said...

I love the caviar polish...I didn't pick one up for me cause I thought it may take me weeks before I could even get the balls to fill my nail. But you made it sound so easy, may just pick up a set for me. I saw Iron Man Marathon last week, and totally loved every second of it. Enjoy!

Angie said...

Love the caviar polish! That is so cute and perfect for the season.

Yay for Ashley's new jacket. She's going to love it :)

Janie said...

Always wanted to try caviar, but I was afraid of the same thing - them falling off. Glad to hear it lasted a few days :) It looks beautimous!