May 31, 2013

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday (May Review)

The second half of May was busy! It seemed every weekend was packed full, and I loved every minute of it.  I guess that's what summer does to us, it makes us get out there and enjoy life!

I've missed quite a few "nail files" and will share just a couple of my faves:

Loved my neon nails, thought the "galaxy nail" came out pretty good and my first attempt at "marbling" which I thought wasn't half bad.  What's your favorite look?

Now to catch you up on some happenings:

  • With the better weather, I finally broke my mountain bike out of hibernation and hit the trails a few times.  I can't tell you how much I love riding my bike.  It's a fantastic workout, and just being in the woods, makes all the hard work worth it.

  • Took an impromptu trip to Firekeeper's Casino with Jenny Jenny and Ms. Debbie.  I am happy to report I actually came home with some money - which ALMOST didn't happen.  I'm telling you, I must use control when I'm at these places. 

  • Kicked off the first concert of the season, with a bunch of the girls (BrookieBear, Jenny Jenny, Ms. Debbie, SamJam, SoccerSteph, ShelbyWelby and Aunt Lisa), when we went to see Tim McGraw / Brantley Gilbert / Love and Theft.  We had the best weather and an even better time.  Those boys can sure sing (oh, and they are pretty easy on the eyes too!).
  • Colton's class held their end of the year concert.  The theme was "The Sea" and all of the songs were about fish or the ocean.  It was adorable.  They danced and they sang, and he even played the xylophone! 

  • The second concert of the summer, was Fall Out Boy.  Yes, I am huge FOB fan, and in particular I love Patrick.  Awesome show.  Period.

    After the show, I was lucky enough to snap a pic with Patrick, and it made my night!  He was as sweet as I imagined he would be.  He made sure that every person that waited (and there were 100's of people) got a pic and/or autograph.  He was a doll.

  • Memorial Day Weekend was spent up north and I caught my first fish of the year!  Obviously it wasn't a keeper, but it made me giddy just the same.

So friends, I've caught you up to date on this GurleeGirrls life! I promise I'll be better at posting, but life has just been to good to slow down!



Debbie said...

Hi Heather! I've missed seeing you, but I see that you have been BUSY!!! I love Brantley Gilberts songs! I have taken the past 2 weeks off of reading, but I'm sure I've read some good ones since we last chatted. I'll have to pull the ole Kindle out and try to remember! :)
Have a great weekend!

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Cute nails.

jennie said...

AHHH! I LOVE FOB too! I had tickets to their show here in March, but got sick and couldn't go. I was so bummed! And that's so nice that he stuck around after the show. The pic of you is awesome! Love the neon manicure (shocker, I know, ha!)

tara said...

looks like you've been having lots of fun!

Ashley said...

are those all your nails? amazing!!!

and you have had quite the busy may lady!

Nicole said...

I love the marbling. I've seen it done but never tried it.

BRB said...

Wow, "I'm With the Lifeguard" is electric green and perfect for summer :)

Have a great weekend,

Kali Now Living

Angie said...

I definitely love the neon nails! Of course I love anything neon :)

Sounds like your days have been jam packed too. I'm like you, I think it's just summer time that keeps us so busy. I love it though!!!!

Monica said...

Congrats on catching your first fish of the year! And your nails are so exciting! Mine are horrible and have been unpolished for way to long - you have inspired me to be a bit more fun!

Ashley said...

you've been to so many fun concerts!

and i'm always in awe of your nails. i can't even paint my a single color and stay on the nail.

Ashley said...

andddd i've already commented on this post...guess i just missed your blog :)