February 6, 2013

Sometimes It All About the Kids

Sometimes there are nights where I get to do the things that I want, like go to the gym, read a book, watch my TV shows or even nap on the couch.  Then there are the days that it's all about the kids.  Last night was one of those nights.

The snow started to fall around 4:45pm, just in time for me to drive home in it.  It wasn't too bad, but I knew that I for sure did not want to leave the house.  When I got home, dinner was ready (corned beef and cabbage leftovers in the crock pot).   Ash was of course "starving", and since this is her new favorite meal, she was bugging me right away to serve her up a plate.

I grabbed a plate and opened the crock pot to discover that there were only 5 pieces of corned beef left.  Now when I checked it on Monday, there were definitely more.  She must have "snuck" some pieces after it was put away.  Anyways, she asked for 3 pieces.  Of course I will never deprive my child of food, and if she asked for more, I would have given it all to her.  Cole would only take 1 piece, as he isn't thrilled with it.  So that left 1 tiny, sliver of a piece for me.  There were more than enough carrots and cabbage to go around, but really, you can only eat so much of that.  Needless to say, I finished dinner and was still kind of hungry, but being on a "diet" and all, I figured I'd survive.  The main thing was they both cleaned their plates. 

As soon as the dishes were put away, Colton was excited to play his "Word Bingo" he brought home as homework for reading class.  Of course they both enjoyed playing, and I think we spent at least 45 minutes playing game after game of bingo.  Would it end after someone bingo'd?  No, they both had to bingo multiple times before they felt a game was over.  Seeing their sheer happiness made it worth it though.

After we finished bingo, Colton then had his "reading" book homework, which was a book about Bats.  Funny thing is, I found it super interesting.  I didn't know there were bats that looked like foxes?!?! 

We also had to finish reading his library selection for the week which was Judy Blume's Freckle Juice.  I remember reading this book as a kid.  It was nice to see him excited and interested in the book too.  We took turns reading, and I'm amazed how much of a better reader he has become since the beginning of school.  Seeing how much he enjoys reading, I know he will catch up and excel in no time.

Once we were finished reading, Ash then demanded some "mom" time and asked if I would paint her nails.  Sure why not?  Of course she didn't just want a single color, she wanted me to paint the Despicable Me Minions on her nails?!?!  Oh goodness.  Of course I accepted the challenge and am happy to report that SHE was very impressed and excited with the results. 

While I was painting her nails, Colton asked if they could eat the rest of the chips and dip.  Ash freaked out that her nails were wet and couldn't exactly eat chips and dip.  She somehow talked her brother into feeding her dipped chips!  For two kids that are constantly bickering, it was extremely funny and heartwarming to see him feeding her!!!  I wish I could have snapped a photo of it, but I was in the middle of painting Minions, and just didn't think to do it. 

Finally I had a free moment to myself.  I was jealous of their chips and dip and decided that I too deserved some sort of "snack".  I grabbed a banana and sliced it up and drizzled some sunflower seed butter on them.  Talk about HEAVEN.  I just found my new favorite go-to snack. Unfortunately, Ash decided she liked my new snack too and started stealing them. She even requested them for breakfast! 

All in all, I'd have to say it was a pretty perfect night.



Jennifer Kay said...

The nails? Awesome...I bet she was the coolest girl in school today!

The one sliver of corned beef? Not so awesome...the things we do for our children!

Ashley said...

you are such a good mom!! and ash is a smart little lady for talking her brother into hand feeding her :)