February 15, 2013

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Happy Friday!!! So glad that I made it through another week.  All in all, it's been a good week.

For starters, I did accomplish my ombre nail attempt.  If you look really close, you can tell that yes indeed there are two shades of pink:

Achieving this look took me forever, and several attempts.  You MUST let coats dry in between or your make-up sponge will crease/smear/smudge your polish.  It really is quite a few layers.

I wanted to spice it up with some hearts or a design, but after spending all the time on it, I didn't want to cover it up. LOL

Once I tired of that look, I decided to go darker:

Makes me think of St. Paddy's Day.  I love it.

Now on to some randomness:

On Wednesday night, I grabbed Jenny Jenny and we hit the 10pm premier of Safe Haven.  OMG - I LOVED this movie.  Or should I say - I LOVED Josh Duhamel.  I had not read the book, so I wasn't sure of where the story would go, and being a Nicholas Sparks book, it doesn't always have a happy ending.  Of course I cried, as parts of the story hit home with me, but I walked away pleased.  I may or may not have eaten a bag of popcorn and box of Sno-Caps.  But I won't tell.

Thursday was my sweet baby boy's birthday, as well as Valentine's Day.  We had volleyball and basketball practice scheduled for the evening, so I tried to make them happy for dinner, and bought them each a heart shaped pizza.  They loved it.  It was so cute, I wish I had one too!

For those Walking Dead fans out there, what did you think of this weeks episode?  I certainly was disappointed in it.  I mean, in a show where there are so many things going on all the time, this one just fell flat.  Did you know there is a Walking Dead App for your iPhone?  It was free and it is fun to mess around with.  How do I look?

Beautiful huh?

And with that, enjoy your weekend!



Debbie said...

I wish we lived by each other. We could be movie soul sisters too! I'm dying to see Safe Haven. AND I eat popcorn and snowcaps at the movies. We'd be bffs I tell ya!

Yuck! That Walking Dead app is just crazy. I caught a marathon of Walking Dead one day and watched the first 6 episodes. SO GOOD! I've got to find the rest on Netflix.

Have a good weekend!

tara said...

love the ombre pink! so pretty!

Nicole said...

ok that picture freaked me out!

Angie said...

Hope your fella had a great Birthday! Our town sold "Heart Shaped Pizza's" this year for the first time EVER! Unfortunately I didn't find out about it till it was too late. I was so mad. Next year I'm getting me one!

Faith said...

Omg! That picture is freaky!

I love your nails. You are so good at it!

Hope he had a great birthday! That heart pizza looks amazing.

Janie said...

Love that ombre!