February 26, 2013

Cole's Bowling Party

Thankfully this year Colton requested a bowling party for his birthday.  He certainly is his momma's boy!

This year I invited everyone to bowl, and although most did, everyone was excited to be there to celebrate with him.

After a few games of glow bowl, we headed into the party room for pizza and cake.

Then it was time for some presents.  He received so many gifts this year from our overly generous family and friends.  They included a Tiger's bag chair, various sports team shirts, Nerf disc thrower, Beyblades, Legos, Hot Wheels, Madden 2013 for Xbox, TONS of Gifts Cards and Ca$$$$h.  He was beyond thrilled with everything.

The two hours flew by and before I knew it, our fun had to end.  I didn't let them get away without one last shot!

The great thing about bowling, it is good for the young and old alike.  Honestly I'm not sure who had more fun, the adults or the kids!   


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Julie said...

Oh how fun! It's great to see you took lots of pics too! I am thinking my little girl is getting old enough for a bowling birthday party too. Yay! :)