May 16, 2012

You Didn't Know That?

I was recently tagged by Cindy to reveal 25 Things You Don't Know About Me.

So here we go:

 1. I have worked in the same job for over 18 years.

2. I am the middle child – I have an older brother and younger sister.

3. I own over 20 pairs of flip flops, but really only wear 3 pairs.

4. I have over 72,000 unread emails in my Gmail account.

5. I have had the same hairstyle (except when I was bald) for the last 6 years.

6. I drink my coffee black (although I prefer a flavored coffee).

7. I wear the same two pair of earrings every day.

8. I hate having chips in my finger nail polish.

9. Always wanted to be a “hat” wearing person until I was one.

10. Have boxes still packed in my basement from when we moved in almost 11 years ago.

11. Has an extremely close relationship with my mom – we talk on the phone at least 4 times a day.

12. I have a crazy addiction to everything Ska print (black & white checkered).

13. I still have close in my closet from when I was in 8th grade – I don’t wear them – but I still haven’t gotten rid of them either.

14. Love to read books, preferably romance novels – but get depressed sometimes because then real life seems boring. LOL

15. Hate to use coupons – but I do because I love saving money.

16. That after 38 years, I finally discovered that I love Squash – butternut and spaghetti!

17. I am the most unorganized person I know. Seriously it’s bad.

18. I insisted my Jeep have a sunroof when I bought it, but I never have it open. Hate how loud it is.

19. That I love having dessert – but normally a bite or two of something is enough for me.

20. No matter where I go, even the gym, I wear lipstick.

21. I’m rather strict when it comes to what my kids wear to school. I’m trying to become a little more lenient with this – and let them “express” themselves - but it’s tough for me to see them in clothes that do not match. My mother constantly reminds me of my “Boy George” phase in 5th grade – so I’m really trying to break this.

22. I have a pool – but I hate swimming.

23. I wear a size 10 shoe. Yeah – clown feet over here.

24. Although my hairstyle has been the same – I tend to change my hair color a lot. However, I always go back to blonde.

25. I wish Walmart still carried Key Lime Cake in their bakery. I crave it – a lot.

Thanks for making it through that list!


Faith said...

18 years?! That is so awesome!

I hate chips in my polish too but I've learned to deal with it because it happens ;)

And I laughed outloud when you mentioned your kids clothing, etc. so funny! I know I would be the same way!

Unknown said...

Lol i love that you have a size 10 foot.. Mine's an 11, hello gun boats!! lol

I hate chips in my polish too!!

I feel the same way about sun roofs in cars, they're nice to have...but i'd never have it open!

Laura said...

I put lipstick on to walk to the mail box so I get it! I hate chipped polish too. I love your hairstyle.

Cindy said...

Thanks for playing along -- now I know why your nails are always perfect!